If you cling on to the past, you are most likely depressed. It wasn't the exact words, but I encountered a quote expressing the said message a few weeks ago. It hit me because I knew that part of it describes me. 

One thing I never thought I would appreciate about Facebook is its capability to capture and preserve memories. I have been in Facebok for as long as I can't remember. I checked my photo uploads and found entries since 2008. Although I believe I signed up earlier, back when Friendster was more famous. I started to explore Facebook when access to Friendster was restricted at the workplace (finding a new place to steal office hours haha)  and a cousin from Canada sent me an invite. When Facebook became popular, you can easily sense the next victim of the workplace's restricted access policy. When this happened, I believe this also gave me the opportunity to regain interest in blogging. Much to my relief, blogging didn't become a trend among my colleagues. Hahaha Otherwise, I wouldn't be here for almost five years.

Recently, I noticed a new feature embedded in Facebook. I'm given an everyday notification of my past activities. Mostly are status messages and photo uploads. There were days when I would scroll down entries from my timeline. The recent feature made things easier. I'm given my daily source of memories. Moments of struggles, lowest points to simple accomplishments, rare times with good friends to my favorite family reunions and celebrations. 

The few that I found very significant are the following

Random dinners and unplanned reunion with my cousins

My first time in Disneyland HK. How perfect because I was able to see my favorite Disney princess. While everyone prefers Cinderella, I have always been fascinated with Belle. 

That one great project - I wouldn't deny, I miss all the pressures and challenges. I never gave up to the last second. 

The rare times I dress up :p

There was a time when everyone at Facebook changed their profile pic to their favorite cartoon character. Being the kid at heart, I joined the call.

 I was once addicted to button down long sleeves blouses. I was lbs lighter and the fit still looks great on me. Fast forward now, I stopped buying and wearing long sleeves tops. I look wider and heavier.

Status message that made me think for a while :) It took me some time to figure out the reason behind this.

This one, I can't recall what really happened. 

I always claim that I have a sharp memory. Three years after, I can't anymore remember where do these cryptic messages come from? A few that I didn't upload made me laugh for a while. :)

And Oh, this one! (Hello AC!) This gave me some great memories. 

Ever since this feature appeared in my account, I usually start or end my day looking forward for this notification. I would like to believe that I was more active in Facebook several years ago. Over the recent years, I don't know if I outgrew photo uploads and status messages. I'm more than entertained browsing my newsfeed, scrolling down my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Added to this, I think I have become more attached with my blog. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm semi-anonymous here. Hence, I'm more comfortable expressing my sentiments here. Most of the people who know me in the blogosphere are not part of my immediate environment. My colleagues and my students are not aware of my blog. My few colleagues turned friends who know my blog are the lazy netizens. Being the supportive friends, they don't really read my blog. Haha I guess everything boils down to the fact that there's more freedom of speech here.  

I started this post trying to figure out trying to establish the reality behind the quote I've encountered. Along the way, I got carried away reminiscing the good old days. Not that I want to bring back the past. Like what I said in my previous posts, I wanted to fill the next days with better and happier memories. 

Would you believe? It took me a day to finish this post. I went on leave for work today. Someone in the family turned older! :) We had a simple celebration of pizza, pasta and chicken wings. My family is contented over simple  and boring things. We celebrate birthdays in the most discrete way. We later entertained ourselves with our pet dogs. Everyone also had a good afternoon nap. Haha It really feels great to be home with my family. Can life be forever like this? But life doesn't work the way I always wanted it. I have work ahead. There are other responsibilities that needed to be accomplished. As always, fight! fight! fight! To happier memories ahead! :)