I started making this post on Saturday night. I felt too tired after having an unexpected afternoon errand with my cousins. Before we parted ways we had pizza, barbecue and doughnuts for dinner. Happy Tummy! It was a night of stories and laughter. Just what I need after a week long work. Last Friday night, I also had waffle dinner with my friend, MFA. Thanks MFA for those relaxing Fridays. 

Meanwhile, here are some of the other beautiful things that made the entire week.

Some scenes from the historic Intramuros.

I'm always saying that there's a little benefit of having a workplace located inside a historic site. True. But when you are there for work, you will never have the chance to seriously tour and appreciate the place. Would you believe that in my 11 years of working, I've never joined any Intramuros tour? You can never do it while working. Weekends maybe a good idea but as always, my lazy self prefers to sleep and occasionally meet my few friends and cousins. Maybe one of these days?

The Chamber of Commerce Building is one of the silent attractions in Intramuros. I love the white painted building and the little balcony on the side. 

I wonder if anyone occupies the balcony as an office space. How lucky! 

I'm not a big fan of Chicken Insasal but Bacolod Chicken is probably one of the few restaurants who can cook inasal that fits my weird taste buds. I used to eat here at least once a month with my BFF T, who left more than a year ago. We used to take our unhealthy lunches on this strip of Intramuros whenever we want to discuss something confidential / gossip about someone and some things about the workplace. True to the saying, if these walls could talk... the walls of the restaurants and fastfood chains in the area have heard and have a lot to say about our worklife sentiments.

I had too much introduction but the real reason why I captured this photo is to express my mixed sentiments on the ornamental plants in wooden crates. They look nice but I find them a little inappropriate. They consume space, cause traffic and minor accidents I guess. 

MFA and I tried this waffle stall in SM Manila last Friday. Belgian Waffles found its competitor :) 

I love the tables and chairs that Wuffwich provide. A little improvement from what The Famous Belgian Waffles offer. 

I ordered choco banana and paired it with my favorite buko juice. 

Print your Instagram Photos via Polagram. Marieken gave me the idea to turn some of my Instagram photos to postcards. Polagram is one of the online printing shops I encountered. The service was great. The prints are glossy but not one of those that would easily fade. Although I would have preferred matte prints for better quality and longer life span. The shipping is also fast. It took only two days of waiting. My only complaint, a bit expensive. :) Anyone who knows a cheaper alternative? 

A few of my favorite things lately - Classic leather tote, blue Sperrys (I'm a convert),  a great read, my favorite V-neck shirt from Giordano (How I wished I bought this shirt in all colors. This is just one of the few t-shirts that don't make me look fat) and my ever reliable iPod Nano... still alive and surviving for 8 years! It has surpassed all my recklessness. Unfortunately though, I'm having a hard time searching for the right earphones. I've tried different brands only to have them working for a few months. I wanted to purchase the original Apple earphones but dear God, no for a thousand pesos. While searching for alternatives, I encountered this headphones from Zalora. I might try it one of these days. 

Remembered a dearest friend....Can't believe that it has been three years since she has been celebrating her birthday in heaven. Weeks before she passed away, she related her problems. While I was trying to console her, I admit that I never knew how it felt to be in her shoes. Years after, I completely understood her sentiments. I've been praying that I will soon be fine. I'm wishing that Anna will send me messages of assurance that indeed, everything will fall on the right place. It will be alright soon. :)