An endless and growing rooms of different artwork. This is what Pinto Art Museum is all about. While there are vintage and antique pieces, mostly are clustered under the genre of contemporary art. As far as I can remember, there are six galleries to tour around. What I thought as the end of everything would eventually lead to another room of overwhelming art pieces. I initially estimated that we will finish the galleries in one hour. We lost track of time. We arrived around 11:30 am, explored the art galleries, and didn't realize that it's already 2:00 pm. We forgot about lunch. We were having a great time exploring the art galleries.

I love this painting!

                                There is a door that provides access to the biggest and my favorite gallery.


Unfortunately, access to this area is restricted. If you can only see the material used for the couches

What I thought as an ordinary painting, turned out to be extraordinary. The entire painting is made of thread.

 This area surprised me. I never encountered this among the bloggers who have been to the place

A door that leads to this! I thought it was restricted for guests. I thought I would not be able to cross the spaces in between the bamboo poles.  Promise, kung kumasya ako, kasya ka din. ;) If I was able to squeeze in my  overweight self, you will likewise make it. Haha Surprise of surprises, I entered a huge air-conditioned room with towering bamboo poles and gigantic basins of stones on crystal clear water. 

I had a little funny experience in this mini forest. The area has very limited lighting. I have to use the torch of my mobile phone to guide me around. I thought there was  no inside. As I was exploring the place, I accidentally lighted and sighted a couple doing something intimate. ;) The reaction of the other guests behind me were priceless. Everyone was trying their best to suppress their burst of laughter.

On my next and last post, I will share the remaining scenic spots I love.