A few weeks ago, I visited Abe's Farm in Magalang Pampanga. I initially thought that the farm is limited for dining. Turns out, the entire place is a resort. It has villas and spa services, perfect for a short weekend getaway. I don't have photos of the villas, but its interiors are consistent with the classic Filipino theme of old wood, white linens and locally produced decors. The surroundings are complemented with the lush view of the gardens. The place is located a little far from the highway, so one can surely experience tranquility and relaxation.

We spent most of our time inside the restaurant. (Check out the 7th photo onwards.) As observed, the place is filled with everything wood. We ordered a few of their best sellers, Sinigang sa Bayabas, Sisig, Binukadkad na Tilapia, Kare Kare and the popular dessert, Sikreto ni Maria (basically vanilla ice cream with suman and fresh mangoes). Food was good, although I have to say... a little expensive.  

After dining, one can surely enjoy the relaxing environment of the farm. The place is a haven for photographers. If you are heading to the North, (Pampanga or Baguio), I suggest a side trip in Abe's Farm.  Abe's Farm is a showcase of everything Filipino. 

Check out Abe's Farm website for more information.