The visit to the Book Museum was one of those unplanned and random trips with friend A. We decided to meet on one weekend. The usual meet up happens inside the mall. But probably because of our ages, our taste and preferences seem to change. Tita of Manila feels Hahahaha We have been visiting museums and other "non-mall" places lately. I booked our museum tour on a Friday lunch via their Facebook page. I thought we will be denied because my request came in a very short notice. Surprisingly, we were accommodated to their guided tour slot at 1 pm. A little tip to those who have plans of visiting the museum, I highly recommend the guided tour. Your visit will become more meaningful with the tour guide that does not come with any additional fee. Yes, you read it right. Visitors only pay for entrance fee of Php 100 and the rest is free! Shout out to our tour guide name Cherl / Sherl! She was very patient and accommodating.  

The museum is owned by the patriarch of the Rex Group of Companies. The famous and one of the oldest publishing houses in the country. The entire museum is a showcase of the owner's collections. The main museum serves as a repository of the owner's book collections, gathered from all the countries he had visited. I intentionally did not show actual photos for the benefit of those who have intentions of visiting. A few things I love the about the book collections is the smallest book in the world, smallest carving of the last supper and the first cover release of Harry Potter.

Aside from the book museum, the two other building houses another favorite collections of the owner. Indigenous items from the Cordillera region ranging from accessories, clothes, to the famous traditional wooden caskets. The other building contains pieces from indigenous groups from the Southern region of the country. It was entertaining to see the contrast of Northern and Southern cultures in the Philippines.

The owner also happens to be a big fan of James Dean. Hence, the reception and waiting area is filled with his memorabilia.

For more information about The Book Museum, visit them on their Facebook page here