The past week, I lack the adjectives to describe it. But to probably simplify all the complexity, last week was not my favorite. It was one of those weeks I wanted to end. There were surprises, disappointments, and some awakening again. I wanted to use realisation but I figured out, I think I have been overusing the word in this blog. I have a lot that do not seem to end. To cap off everything, I was attacked by some unexplained headache. It started on Friday and persisted till the entire Saturday. 

Change is overrated. I encountered this from my current read, Aristotle and Dante Discovers the Secrets of the Universe. True. But lately, I developed an opposite perception for Change. It is so cliche but when I finally experience it for myself, I'm always caught off guard. I get rattled. I feel stupid. I will have crying episodes again. And the part I most hate, trying to figure out how to get back on track. After a few months, I will wake up realizing I've moved on. Everything will feel perfect again, only to later discover another source of change is coming. Define life. :)

While I'm still trying to cope with everything, I took time to remember the few good things that happened 

Scene from Intramuros - Captured this photo near the Manila Cathedral! I love the kalesa and the old building as a backdrop. 

The Book Stop Project - I dropped some books again. This time however, I left some books in behalf of a new found friend. ;) Hi Alona! Your books already found their home. I was also glad to see a well-stocked shelf this time.

Organic Coconut Sugar - A gift all the way from Davao! Thanks Alona :) It was our first time to taste this version of organic sugar.

The Queen's 90th Birthday and Prince George's first stamp appearance - Ordered this set from the Royal Mail and I don't ever regret this shopaholic impulse. I acquired a piece of history! The photo has an interesting story here. 

Current read - I have issues with books that received numerous literary awards. I often dislike stories portrayed by award wining or critically acclaimed literary pieces. I was surprised that I'm loving Aristotle and Dante Discovers the Secrets of the Universe. I'm hoping to finish it this week. If I will have the motivation to write, I might prepare a blog post about it. 

Dog of Flanders Collection - I'm starting to complete my plate collection of Nello and Patrasche. If I'm not mistaken, I only need one design to complete the series.

Books, Rainy Days and a Scarf - Good bye summer! Although it still feels summer whenever I travel for work in the morning. In the afternoon, rain showers have been showing consistent appearances. Two things I love about the rain, it cools down the very summer temperature and gives me an opportunity to wear different clothes... except for the shoes. I hate wearing plastic shoes or slippers again. 

I'm typing this post at 12:53 am. I'm starting to feel sleepy and hungry. I've been overanalysing things again.  My bad, my head aches again. I still have errands to attend tomorrow. Wish me a better week ahead.