Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Another week ended and another one ahead. I was able to accomplish something at work. One presentation down and a 70+page document accomplished... almost because not all the data I needed arrived before deadline. Nevertheless, I was able to cross out a major task. In the middle of the week, there were some family related concerns that came along the way. And for those who can relate, concerns are positively correlated with expenditures. :p I'm not complaining. I'm more worried though. Before the week ended, I guess everything was ironed out. I hope everything really gets better next week. In moments like this, I can't help but remember my early years of working. My only problem then was how to beat deadlines, decipher the preferences of my boss and work out for my permanency papers. The classic saying, you will eventually laugh at your current problems when you age. True. It's so true! I look forward to the day when I would laugh at my current problems... not because there is a bigger problem to be solved. Only because I realized that I was able to overcome a lot. 

Meanwhile in my Facebook account, I have been flooded with political related news again. Election is over. I hope so... even though supporters of candidates who lost the race still can't move on. Much of the contents in my feed evolve on the selection of different cabinet secretaries. And much as I hate to say it, I have reservations on the list of some appointed secretaries. I know a few of them, not personally, but as to how they worked with their students, colleagues and decision making skills. Likewise, part of me feels bad for the country's elected VP.... It surely doesn't feel good when some people and forces are doing everything to get you out of the picture.

On the positive side, here are a few links that impressed me this week

How efficient documentation and file management can go a long way - I love the story of this policeman who created his own Book of Death, based on the different death cases he handled. Read the interesting article here. 

This instagram account is love! - The wonders of wood! Best about everything, the owner is not even using expensive wood and sophisticated design. 

The Jollibee service crew who rendered something beyond expectation

Pop Watches are back - Oh Swatch! My heart be still.... Hahahaha 

Me Before You - While everyone is raving about the book and movie, I encountered an article with a different take. 

Girls of the North, let's unite! - I somehow felt irritated after watching this video.  This prompted me to write a blog post about life in the north. (Big shout out to my friend, Coleen! The ladies in the video need some explaining about Fairview) 

And before I forget, I have uploaded photos for this Sunday post :D

Sanuk's Yoga Ballet Flats - Have you ever had that pair of shoes you don't intend to give up? This makes it for me. I don't care even if the synthetic leather skin is starting to peel off. I love its rose gold shade that makes my feet look lighter. 

Postcards from the Netherlands - Thank you Marieken!

Another set of cards, this time from the USA - Thank you Terra!

Coca Cola's emoticons - Partly defined my sentiments last week

Peter Rabbit is love!!! - As if it was not obvious from my flood of photos. Hahahaha I gained two commemorative plates this week. I hope to complete their commemorative line from Wedgwood. 

Apart from work, I was able to finish a book last week. It was my shortest reading record for a typical paperback. Hahaha Sorry, slow reader. I only get the chance to read inside the train. I'm done with Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe. I will try to write a review this week. I feel a little good because I'm actually on a reading streak. I'm finishing another book this week. Although I'm missing my Korean drama marathons. Nothing interests me yet these days. Blame everything on Descendants of the Sun. It will surely be too hard to beat that drama series.

Tomorrow will be Father's Day. I already gave my advance present to my Dad. :) Long before my last earnings from my freelance work was wrecked off. Hahaha At least I have something to remember from that last project. I just have to look at my Dad realize that my money didn't vanish at all. Hahahahaha 

I want to leave a Happy Father's day greeting but it came to my senses, do I have a male reader? Do I have a reader who happens to be a father? I can only remember one who leaves comments in my blog once in a while. Hi Jep! Other than Jep, I don't think I have a male reader here. Hahaha 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!