A few days ago, I encountered this video via my Facebook newsfeed, The thoughts of the ladies featured in the video in one way or another, did not make me happy.

I gathered the questions left in video and presented my own answers. 

Bakit ayaw niyong pumunta sa South? Bakit kami lagi yung punta ng punta ng North?

Hindi din! (Not really) Whenever I have meet ups in Makati and other cities down South, I don't really object. I respect and value the efforts of the person who organise the meet up, especially if it entails gathering a large group of people.

At least in my lifetime, I can't recall forcing the meet up place in the North. Gateway, Trinoma, Eastwood and the like. Even though this means I have to devote two hours of commute and a chunk of my money will be spent for transportation. So please don't generalize. I'm sure I have fellow Northerners who feel the same.

Bakit laging may MA yung mga streets nyo? Maharlika, Maginhawa 

Ask the historians at the City Government. Though honestly, I love streets with Filipino names.. than mere numbers or names of former city officials. 

Nasstress ba kayo kapag na-invite sa isang party sa Alabang? 

YES. So please bear with us. Be more understanding. I live in Marikina and if I have an appointment in Alabang, that means taking more than 4 rides! While Uber and Grab can save the day, the bill doesn't.

Madami bang gwapo sa north? Kase alam mo, sa amin sa South, madami. (Are there plenty of handsome people in the north?) 

'Teh, better stay in the South. So that we have a full monopoly of all the handsome men in the North. Hahahahahaha 

How long does it take for you to get home if you work in Makati?

Forever! A typical Northerner who resides in Quezon City or Marikina has their own struggles of reaching Makati. The common work transportation from the North to Makati are the UV Express Vans. Almost good minus the eternity of traffic in EDSA and the long lines to bear. If travel entails 2 hours, you have to add an hour just to accommodate the looong queue of the line. In worst cases, some would wait for as long as 2 hours. 

7. So I want to know, mas mainit ba sa north? Kase sa south ang daming puno. Sa north parang puro building. 

What the heck. Go to the University of the Philippines. Areas such as New Manila, residential streets of Marikina are still abundant with trees. 

8. Bakit ang busy ng life sa north? In the South, it's like so chillll 

Big misconception. Or probably, the girl has a different definition of chillllll 

As compared to the South, there are lesser shopping malls in the North. The few I can identify include Trinoma, SM North, UP Town Center, SM Fairview, Fairview Terraces, Robinsons Fairview, SM Marikina, Sta. Lucia East, Robinons Metroast and Eastwood Mall. Though these are quite plenty, the sizes of these malls are very small compared to what can be seen in the South..... including those found in Makati. Also, the malls in the North offer lesser choices than what the South offers. On one hand, it may sound too sad for the ladies featured in the videos, if their requirement for chiillllll means a lot of malls. On the other hand, the North is abundant with unique and quaint restaurants, art galleries, contemporary museums, and parks. The North is not endowed with those high end hotels because I have always seen the North as the ideal suburbs. 

No offense meant to my friends and acquaintances from the South. Love you guys!

Writing this I realized what made me unhappy were the shallow misconceptions about the North. And the one that sealed everything..... apologies but I get irritated with the notorious "conyo" linggo. This later reminds me, conyo has a different meaning in the Spanish language.

Before I end this post, can't help but ask if all the girls from the South carry the same diction with the girls featured in the video. Hahahahahahaha

Why do the ladies have to be so abundant with hhhhhhhh?

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