I love the rainy Saturday afternoon. Everything was so conducive for rest. Those cold afternoon naps are priceless, especially when suffering from menstrual cramps. :p I took home some work that involves heavy use of Excel equations. My limited skills in spreadsheet management were suddenly tested. The software has a lot of useful tools I have yet to discover. It amazes me whenever I'm able to uncover a new function. And these days, it is quite easier to unearth the hidden tools because of Google. :p

Back in High School, learning and using Excel is a challenge. You have to memorize all the syntax. The only reference I had then was the book. While there is already the Internet, information is not that extensive yet. Best of all, I remember using a dial up connection in my cousin's house. It was only in college when I had my first taste of a decent DSL connection. I thought DSL was already the best not until wifi came. As much as I'd like to say that wifi is the best, it doesn't work out for me every time. I suddenly remember my postpaid pocket wifi that has not been working for weeks. I'm on the losing end, I'm paying for something I'm not using. 

So much about the technology stuff, I have to deal with something more real? When someone says, "with all due respect," was the respect really meant? For me, the phrase signals that someone is about to be insulted or disrespected. :p In like manner, the person who said, "with all due respect," wants  to have clean hands against the person to be disrespected. Whoever invented such expression is so great, the irony is for the win. 

This week, I was the fortunate recipient of such disrespect. It surely does not feel good to be insulted. However, I'm completely aware that I have no control over the opinions of other people. One thing I appreciate, I learned other people's sentiments on me. In as much as I'm too honest, I appreciate people admitting how they feel about me. We do know how one backstabbing incident can ruin even the most nurtured professional relationships to real life friendships. So yes, I appreciate honesty to the highest degree. What I just didn't like about this entire grown up incident, some people tend to avoid the consequences of expressing their sentiments. They take refuge over the words, "with all due respect." When in fact, respect was not meant to be given at all. 

Okay, I'm done with my rant. :) It feels good to let it all out. Well, only partially. ;) It would have been more liberating if I was able to relate the entire incident. This smells like a plot for a Korean drama Hahaha I will play the role of a stupid female character. I will represent someone who never fails to mess up and on the way to self-destruction. I wouldn't mind to be the stupid girl, PROVIDED there is a prince charming waiting to save the day. hahahahaahahahaha

Enough of all the fantasy and ambition here :D,  let me relate some beautiful things that happened last week. This should have been the real intention of this post. But hell, look at my introduction hahahaha

Happy Mail - Thank you for the postcards Terra! And yes to Peter Rabbit!!!!

Cath Kidston is love - Thank you Leah for sharing your blessings. (Private Joke and Story behind hahahaha) Been wanting to own this tablet case.

Scored these roll of Xmas wrappers from a surplus shop in Cubao. Thanks to my cousin A for the treat. :) Truth is, I don't think I can consume the entire rolls of gift wrappers because I don't have a lot of friends. Some of them have been eliminated in my Facebook account to my real life . Hahahaha This is another uninteresting story I wanted to begin writing. Hahahaha 

Lay's Wavy Potato Chips is love - I remember it was two years ago when I discovered this variant of Lays. It's like Ruffles in a Lay's bag. Better yet, it tastes like the potato chips used in Royce's Chocolates. For the first time, I saw it in the racks of Rustan's Supermarket in Gateway Mall. It's a little expensive than the other variants though. But never mind, even Dad loves it. 

View from my window - It has all been gloomy, literally and figuratively. A lot of questions has been running to my head over the past weeks. While I am all grown up, the way I see things doesn't necessarily follow. I have been struggling on reading and understanding everyone's behavior. A former colleague once told me that I remain as a kid in this aspect. I always believe that people will do good. I refuse to accept the reality that most people will only do what is good for them. Unfortunately, it takes another painful experience to realize this reality. Story of my life. Haha

Life has been challenging last week. Recurring issues and some new came along. It feels exhausting. I wanted to figure out what went wrong. But then again, I'm reminded that such effort will be useless. It would have been better if I divert the frustration to something else. Creating something great and chasing those elusive dreams instead. 

Another week ahead. Another week to fight and survive. :) Wishing everyone a great week ahead!