Sunday, December 11, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 243 - Hello December

Second Sunday of December! The first few days of December went too fast for me. The month started with an unplanned trip. As they say, unexpected are the best. Indeed! While all my attention is already focused for Christmas, this trip came along the way. I feel thankful because in a blink of an eye, the heavens connived with me. Everything has been provided and ironed out hours before the trip.

Now that I'm back to regular programming, it has been quite difficult to gather my working pace. I struggled accomplishing work the past week. The Christmas atmosphere does not even help. Haha At least in my working environment, everything becomes laid back during the last weeks of December. Everyone is busy preparing for their respective parties. As for me, the only thing that stresses me is the holiday traffic. I appreciate that malls have extended hours. I can squeeze in shopping gifts after work, while allowing traffic to subside. I think I'm done with all the Christmas presents. Everything is working well except that my hard earned 13th month pay will soon bid goodbye. Hahaha Over the next days, I look forward for the remaining Christmas parties and the most awaited meet up with my friends. Nothing beats good old friends. 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week

Belated Happy Birthday Louisa Alcott - Pardon my bias to the female populace, but most of my favorite writers are females! Starting with Beatrix Potter, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Christina Georgina Rosetti, to Sophie Kinsella and Cecelia Ahern. I've also noticed that most female authors have very beautiful names. I promised myself that I will have a daughter, she will be named after my favorite authors.

Found the planner for 2017 - As much as I wanted to acquire another PiP planner, expenses have other plans. :p So I settled with this nice but cheaper Papemelroti planner.

Recent book find - Been wanting to read this book for the longest time. This book is special because it was my first purchase from the reopened Fully Booked in Gateway Mall. Hallelujiah!!! There's a Fully Booked Branch near me.

Souvenirs from Ilocos - It was only during the last trip when I discovered the best of Ilocos. It gave me surprises. I consider it as one of the best and favorite places in the Philippines. Every Filipino should experience Ilocos. I didn't realize it has a lot to offer. It is well endowed with traditions, culture and natural resources. Minus the long road travel, Ilocos is all worth it. I have intentionally included in the photo my favorite travel essentials. The scarf and neck pillow served me well!!! Shallow but I now have high respect over neck pillows. It was a life saver during the entire trip. 

A Cat Librarian, Beatrix Potter books and a chocolate with a packaging I love - I got the Cat Librarian doll from Papemelroti. The original plan was to buy a planner. Blame the low EQ, I got myself this Librarian doll. I've been wanting to complete the entire set of Beatrix Potter tales. Glad to have scored a few additions from Booksale. Best about everything, each piece sells for only Php 35. Though I don't really crave for chocolates, I can't help but appreciate the classic packaging.

The Little Prince Kaleidoscope - Again, blame low EQ and Instagram. I discovered the kaleidoscope via Rustan's Instagram account. I dropped by the nearest Rustan's to check out and buy it. It's a shallow want but the kaleidoscope is enough to awaken the kid at heart in me.

Weeks ago, I've been receiving sad news from my friends. I'm back thinking why bad things happen to my friends. They are great providers, dutiful wives, law abiding citizens and have worked hard to uplift their respective families. Yet at the end of the day, they are left with tragedies they don't deserve. Sigh..... Some things are not meant to be explained and answered. Some things don't work out how we envisioned it. The least I can do is to pray for them. They don't deserve all these struggles. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 


  1. What a cute Cat Librarian (I love my cat and I am a librarian so of course I would like it). A sequel to the Little Prince and a kaleidoscope, great finds. Thank you for the 3 lovely silver and gold mermaid bookmarks. Love them, and love you too.

  2. I'm curious how you like the Parisian notebook! I am waiting till the library has it.

  3. Saw your Ilocos photos on IG, nakaka inggit! Hope you had fun and had your fill of bagnet, longganisa and empanada. I miss those! Im spending Christmas back home, excited na rin but have not done any Christmas shopping yet. Enjoy the holidays, Diane! :)

  4. Those umbrellas in your IG slide look familiar. Apparently, you were in town! I'm glad you had a great time here. :-)

  5. Hi Diane! You're probably building up your stash of pretty stuff now hehehe. I love your planner. Lorraine got me one for my birthday last June - A Little Prince too - which arrived later so I saved it for next year instead. Just a few days from now!

    I can totally relate to naming the offspring after fave authors, or fave book characters. :)

    Happy holidays dear! :)


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