The past week!!! I can't find the right adjectives. It was the last week at work. As always, I'm looking forward to it. More than the most awaited Christmas break, all the events scheduled happens once a year. Everything started with my most awaited birthday!!! For a change, I broke my previous tradition. I reported for work.

Over the past years, I had the most silent and boring birthday celebrations. I will wake up late. Check my social media accounts. Order special food for my family. Movie marathon. Have another sinful dinner then sleep. This time, I reported for work. I distributed my Xmas gifts. Attended the dance practice for the most awaited Xmas party. Had dinner with my closest friends at the workplace. Arrived home the next day. :D It transpired as a good change. Never mind the humps and bumps along the way, my friends made up for everything.

My friends deserve all the award for the two surprises. It started with the long forgotten birthday cake. It has been years since I blew my own birthday cake. It was a silent wish that even became a bio / account description of my Instagram account. A week before my birthday, I changed my Instagram bio that alarmed my friends. Haha They were all set to surprise me with my favorite cake from Becky's. A day before my birthday, my two friends paid an unusual visit and the surprise happened. I'm in the brink of crying. Yes, a surprise birthday cake is more than enough to make me cry. Thank you T and A!!!! This made my 2016!!!

Days before my birthday, Mother E staged another semi-birthday surprise. I will not get into the details. I was hoping to receive a fan sign from a person I have long admired. There was no fan sign, but I got gifts. Thank you Mother E!!!!

The 2016 Christmas party at the workplace will be one of the most memorable. It was only this year when me and my friends were grouped together for a special project, a dance number. Hahahaha It was actually intended for a dance competition. While I'm not the best dancer, I always preferred dancing over singing. The one thing I can never do is to sing. Don't ever dare to try it. :p We practiced together for one week. It was one of the best days at work. Destiny made better plans, we won the competition! We had the best team and choreographer. Hats off to the most patient, talented and the prettiest choreographer I met. I highly recommend Lexie Motas for dance lessons and competitions. Just follow or send her a message via Instagram. 

Within this week, I also received a nice postcard from Marieken. Thanks dear friend! My friend Anne gave me a nice mini planner from BDJ. While I'm not a big fan of chocolates, I appreciate the best one, especially if it comes in a nice packaging. ;) Marks and Spencer Christmas chocolate series have the best packaging design for me.

Stuck today, inspired tomorrow - I found this old notebook from my pile of useless stuff. ;) I had the notebook more than 5 years ago. I was planning to give it as a gift, but I realized the notebook is really intended for me. Hahaha

Finally Crave Park! - My dearest hometown is turning to a food hub. Restaurants are sprouting even in residential areas. The recent trend include the food trucks and parks. I have been wanting to try Crave Park over the last months. Last week, I was able to drag my friend Anne to try it!!! Thanks Anne for giving in to my cravings. I will prepare a separate post about this place. 

It's only a week before Christmas. I plan to spend the remaining days finally cleaning my room, last minute shopping, meeting some good old friends, movie and drama marathon, and write about my Ilocos trip. I'm thankful for this rare Xmas break. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!