Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # -272 - Moving on

And just like that, half of the year is over. Like probably most of you, I'm trying to recall anything significant that happened over the past months. My attempts to lose weight, some accomplishments related to work, pulled out some draining investments, and cleaning out of my closet (literally and figuratively). Added to this some things not worth mentioning anymore. I'm keeping some for the sake of my sanity and reputation. :p 

Six months went so fast, but the past week felt so long. I'm back to teaching and thankful that I was still given the opportunity. Even though my schedule is quite challenging because I have classes on Friday nights. #Loser Hahaha But come to think of it, I don't really have critical or life changing (exaggerated, hahaha) activities on Friday. Save for the mall trips and dinner every Payday Friday. I hope I can survive the "enviousness", while all my colleagues are rushing to leave work. This arrangement will last for four to five months, I hope I can survive it. Better yet, I hope something good will emerge. Like some unexpected weight loss. Hahaha

A few days ago, I had some personal drama episode again. It paved the way to close some chapters and grown up struggles. I have two friends who patiently listened, albeit online. Thank you E and LT! While nothing has been resolved, I felt better knowing there are people who can embrace my shallow and repetitive emotional outpour. My major learning this week, I created my own heartbreak because of expectation. As much as I don't want to admit it, I waited for something that won't ever happen. 

On the positive side, there were pleasant surprises that happened along the way. I was visited by a former student in the middle of my drama episodes. Thank you Justine!!!! The nearby 7-11 store at work is currently closed, which lessened my Coke and junk food intake. Although I'm missing the little conveniences it provides. I'm enjoying another Korean drama, I regained my shallow cheesy hormones. Thanks Rose for the recommendation!! After several months, I felt motivated to finish a book again. 

A Tale of the Time Being has been sleeping in my shelf for months now. I hope to finish it, as my first long read for the year. Also in the photo is the Cath Kidston case from my cousin. Thanks M!

Weekly Planner Mess containing a lot of personal drama this week 

This lace up ballet flats is love!!! It's a replica of Miu Miu 's ballet laces. Please don't judge me ;) because there's no way I can afford a pair that costs $ 670!!! I'm tempted to wear this in class, but I'm afraid of the distraction it will bring to my students. Hahaha

Just when I promised to forget shopping. ;) One of my finds from Cath Kidston's online sale this month. Thank you Mother E for facilitating the easiest shopping experience.

I'm typing this post while (as always) munching a bag of potato chips and mini-oreo cookies. So did I say that I want to lose weight? ;) I'm loving my quiet time at home. I woke up from a long sleep in a cold and rainy Saturday. The intense summer heat is finally gone. I had the best home cooked meal, much of it were products of my father's attempt to make a farm-to-table home. 

There's another full week ahead of me. Like what I often mention, I just wish for a stress-free and fulfilling week ahead. Time to move on again. 


  1. Yes, half year just over in the blink of eyes. Ah, Diane, I do hope we could meet someday. Your story is always interesting.
    Please send me that motivation to also finish my long waiting list books.

  2. You know I enjoy reading your blog and I see you are accomplishing a lot, teaching on Fridays, creating in that pretty organizer book, your new shoes and purse. Wow, we are in the second half of the year.

  3. Ang bilis ng panahon, susunod nyan -ber months na naman. I love that farm-to-table home idea. Naalala ko tuloy ang farm house dream ko. Hay, one day at a time. Have a great week, D! :)

  4. Iniisip ko talaga kung ano ang 'dating' ng ballet flats na yun :) At kung ano ang magiging reaksyon ng mga students mo :)

    Research pa rin ba ang itinuturo mo?

    1. Hi Jep! For a while, hindi research ang handle ko. Pero may ibang ganap this year. So ayun, may return of the come back ako sa research writing. hahahaha

  5. Ang bilis noh? July na kaagad. What K-drama are you watching now? My Sassy Girl lang? You need to watch Reply 1994... lakas maka-throwback. Or maybe it's just me kasi laking probinsya ako.:) Hehe!

    And now that you mentioned it, I need to start reading a book again. It's been a while since I last finished one.

  6. Hi! I've been reading your blog for quite sometime now. I like the photos you use, and your writing. Keep it up! :)

  7. Grabe din ako mag coke lately dahil sa init. Nakaka guilty tuloy haha. I try to limit my coke intake pero ang hiraaaap lalo kung masarap ang ulam. I hope you're having a good start of the month, Diane! Winner yung Kath Kidston na purchase mo, ang ganda! :)

  8. I also wish to finish my first book once and for all for 2017. It's not that the book is dull di ba. Pero with the time we spend at work + the commute, drained talaga ako. :(
    I love the shoes. Wear it! Wear it!


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