I woke up in a cold and rainy Sunday morning. The cold weather, a set of clean and soft bed sheets and a great sleep is my definition of a great weekend. Everything becomes perfect, when a sumptuous set of meal awaits me. A hot and savory broth, grilled fish stuffed with tomato and garlic, fried chicken in garlic and butter sauce, tacos or nachos with beef and cheese sauce, and some freshly squeezed lemon juice or margarita to cap the night. The broke and pathetic person in me can always dream. :p Truth is, right now I just had some cheap afternoon snacks from the neighborhood bakery. I'm over and done with a cheap spanish bread, pandesal and pan de coco with a glass of Coke. I'm more than awake to realize that there are more responsibilities ahead. Adulting is always the best way to awaken the sleepiest and laziest person in me. Or sometimes, an unexpected cold shower is more than enough. :p 

The past week surprised me with some farewells. People moving to new places and venturing to better opportunities. Along with it are people who remained, but changed? This week, I have close encounters with people who traded their principles for personal gains. One thing I learned from this practice, other people will never recognize your capabilities. There's always that grain of doubt planted whenever you achieve something. Sad, but there will always people who would fall in this vicious trap. Some used to be a significant part of my life. As much as I want to preserve nurtured relationships, being used as an instrument for some self-centered gains calls for some grown up decisions. I have other burdens to deal with, I don't need excess baggage of deteriorating relationships.  

I'm done with my weekly dose of drama. Here are the few beautiful things that made the past week.

Weekly Planner Mess - Monday was great because I arrived so early for work. Luck was on my side, I escaped the usual hell of traffic in the beginning of the week. In the afternoon, work was suspended because of the impending public transport strike. I was able to leave work early, dropped by the mall, ended buying nothing (achievement!!!), went home and spent the rest of the afternoon with zzzzzz. 

Tuesdays and Fridays always feel like achieving something great. I'm back to having evening classes that extend until 9 pm. I can feel my adrenaline overworking. I have to finish my office work, make all means to look at least half decent before my classes, rush for early dinner, attend to my classes and run as fast as I could to catch the last few trips of the train. 

Scene last Saturday morning  - Coffee table books, suman (steamed sweet sticky rice rolls), fresh buko juice, watching some Korean drama, daydreaming and convincing myself that everything will make sense someday. :p While these are happening, I have full blast sounds from my radio (Yes, radio. Beat that millenials hahaha) or iPod nano. Spotify is good, but I hate that it prevents me to fully customize my playlist. 

Can you guess the title of the book? :)

As always, in search not for a happy ending, but new and happier beginnings. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!