First things first, my blog underwent a semi-face lift. :p This is probably the product of not having work for two days. Added to it some midweek drama of frustration, rejection and some grown up issues. While everything remains uncertain, I don't have a choice but to keep going. The path is unclear, but the journey continues. I feel hopeless, but I'm still hoping. I'm tired, but I'm not quitting. Napapagod pero magpapatuloy. Nasasaktan pero hindi susuko. Wait, I think I'm diverting. Hahahaha 

Setting aside this heavy and serious aspect of my life, I'm grateful for the unexpected two-day off from work. I had an extended weekend. I was able to sleep well. My skin looks better. I had healthier meals. Although on some occasions, we have fastfood delivery in the evening. It's one of my family's guilty pleasures. Like tonight, it seems like everyone has become addicted to Jollibee. We had chicken, spaghetti and the classic peach mango pie. After a great meal, my parents would usually get to bed early. While I spend my quiet time switching different TV channels, checking my social media accounts, watching some drama series until my eyes feel heavy. Unfortunately, staying at home for three days seemed to become unhealthy for me. The weather is threatening my body of an upcoming cold or fever. I love the colder weather but my weak immune system is never ready.

In the middle of the week, I had some learning points, courtesy of a government agency. I have high respect for established and performing institutions. Unfortunately, another experience taught me that it's harder to bend such kind of institutions. Processes and practices are designed for their convenience, at the expense of their clients' welfare. I'm tempted to detail everything. But for the sake of my sanity and reputation, I'm reserving everything in the future. Also, I need to consult some friends with background in human resources. Alright, I can't prevent myself from providing a hint. Hahahaha 

So much of all these uninteresting stuff, here are snapshots of the past week

Weekly Planner Mess - I want more stickers!!! But those that are sold in shopping malls and bookstores just don't fit my budget and preferences. Oftentimes, I find nice pieces from sellers in instagram. Problem with these independent online sellers are the shipping fees. :( 

Farm to table home produce - My Father's harvest turned to fried cassava in a cold and rainy afternoon

Postcard from Terra and some sad news about Apple's move to phase out all iPod units - This iPod nano gave me my first taste of Apple. It has been with me for 10 years!!!! Everything is still perfectly working, except for the original earphones. It surpassed all mobile phones I used for the last 10 years. It has become a witness to all my adventures and emotional episodes. It knew all the songs I associate for each chapter of my life, including all the unrequited love I eventually regretted? Hahahaha 

Apple's decision to phase out its stand alone music players is understandable. Smartphones and applications such as Spinnr and Spotify can already perform its function. But the old soul in me still prefers a separate device. I prefer that my phone's battery be reserved for other purposes. I also feel that I get better sound quality with this device. Meanwhile, I'm hoping that Apple will not simply pull out its line of music players. If I have resources, I might acquire the last version of the iPod nano... for posterity purposes. Hahaha

Some old and new - Can you spot my recent Cath Kidston purchase?

I gave in to the temptation of acquiring the detachable strap. I love how the strap can change the look of my usual monochromatic bag. 

Another Cath Kidston love and a little reminder to everyone

This brings me ... how to differentiate breaking rules from violating rules.

Speaking of rules, I was quite affected with the incident involving a lawyer and a high ranking government official. Part of the issue was a Facebook post that irked the guilty government official. I'm reserving my stand over the issue. Instead, I wanted to focus on the aspect of social media. 

Few years ago, a social media policy was circulated at the workplace. I don't oppose the existence of the policy although I saw gray areas on some provisions. Unfortunately, part of me feels that the policy does not serve its purpose. It's not being implemented. I have seen several incidents that qualify as a violation. Much to my surprise, the lead of the policy became another uncaught violator. I knew my place, so I chose to remain silent. As you know, we have another unwritten workplace principle to follow. Choose your battles, which sometimes translates to shut up or else. Hahahaha 

Having these thoughts, I'm drawn to the idea of identifying the thin line that differentiates the two schools of thought. Breaking the rules vs. Violating the rules. In my own belief, breaking the rules means transforming the playing field to create better opportunities. It challenges, but not devastates. Violating the rules is self-centered and breeds nothing, but problems that promote more wrong doings.  

I think I sound too preachy already. I have to end here. :) Wishing everyone a great week ahead!