My fascination with postcards intensified when I started my own postcard challenge. I challenged myself to send at least one postcard to a friend every month. The task was easy, the real challenge was finding a constant supply of quality postcards. I was fully aware of the scarcity of postcards in the local market. Shops like Papemelroti, Hub Make Lab in Escolta, and the on and off vintage shop in Sta. Cruz Manila gave me great selections. Problem is, new designs don't often arrive. I already sent all the designs to my friends, long before another series is released. In the end, I'm always in search for shops that offer beautiful and reasonably priced postcards. Once in a while, I settle for independent sellers in Instagram. Etsy and Society 6 make another great source, but shipping fees often exceed the  price of the postcards. On a few times, some local artists email me for possible collaboration. Unfortunately, none of these offers materialized. 

A few weeks ago, I received a message from the team behind Inspiredby.Ph. I was surprised that there is at least one company, who takes postcard production seriously. Aside from their in-house design, the company collaborates with local artists in promoting the Philippines through postcards. I always admire businesses that provides opportunities for local talents to showcase their artistry. But what further caught my attention, the company is owned by real life couple who are not Filipinos. Soulmates, Jane and Max are originally from Russia, but found home here in the Philippines. They are currently based in Dumaguete and manages their own business. Creating postcards is just one of their ventures. 

I'm hoping there are other postcard enthusiasts reading this post. You will surely love their designs.

I appreciate businesses who takes packaging as a serious business. All items ordered online will come in this beautiful box. 


One of my favorites, this series features maps of popular local destinations. I hope the team will be able to increase the places in this series. I'm wishing a series for Manila, NCR, Bulacan or Ilocos will be released. 

There are also classic but updated photographs showcasing sights of different local destinations. I remember mentioning months ago that some photograph postcards sold in local bookstores were lousy reprints  decades ago. Luneta Park for instance looks so different today (Hello Torre de Manila, hahahahaha), yet its postcards sold in bookstores were still in the 90s.  

 Unique digital designs which showcase a lot about the country 

The works of local artist, Angelo Delos Santos is also featured in one of their postcard series. 

This has to be my favorite. I love the graphics and minimal colors used in the design. Another wish, I hope there will be more cities released in this series. 

Aside from postcards, Inspiredby.Ph also offers other items such as wall posters, tumblers and wall clocks. I think their tumbler series make it as a great gift for foreigner friends. In the future, I hope the company will increase their product line up. Items such as tote bags, shirts, phone cases will become a great addition to their business. 

Learn more about Inspiredby.Ph via their Facebook and Instagram accounts.