And just like that, November is about to end. Save for the classic question, where did time go?

I'm typing this post with some backaches and leg pains. Carrying heavy bags for several days, endless walking, taking long baths after a long day and bad sleeping positions. My body must have been surprised after a week long break. Big thanks to the wonders of salonpas, I feel better and spared from resorting to pain relievers. 

I had another full week. It all started when I overlooked the start of my classes. Much to my surprise, the Friday night schedule did not leave me. I thought I'm done being the last person to leave the office every Friday. Surprise, there's another 6 months to survive. Save for the love for teaching, I'm looking forward for another meaningful semester. On a lighter note, going home after 9 pm feels less depressing these days. The extended mall hours is a life saver. I don't have to rush for dinner, attend to some last minute errands and squeeze in some Christmas related shopping. Oh, the Christmas rush! It can be stressful but I love the sight of people shopping for gifts, friends reunited and families going to the church together. It gives me that rare warmth and happiness everywhere. 

At the workplace, the last months of the year mark a lot of festivities. It starts with the founding anniversary and later, all the Christmas related festivities. Work is lighter, the environment is happier, and everyone seems to be easy to deal with. :p Like probably most of my colleagues, everyone is wishing this atmosphere to last the entire year. ;) 

Meanwhile, here are the other beautiful things that happened last week

For the love of books and anything in blue ;)

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is love!!!! - I went to the mall last Friday and happened to encounter Tokyo Milk Cheese's stall. My initial intention was to just check out prices. But the free tasting was the culprit. It was love / taste at first sight. ;) Setting aside the hefty price tag, this is something I want in my wish list. 

Thank you for my Manila wall clock.

Before this day ended, my family celebrated the 93rd birthday of my grandfather. As always, there's so much food, stories and endless laughter. Family will always be my significant source of gratitude.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!