And finally, I'm on vacation mode. The last week at work always meant reaching home the next day. :) I attended several Christmas parties, met a few friends, and went several times to SM Mall of Asia for my MacBook, that ended not being repaired. I didn't expect that one loose key would cost Php 15,000 for replacement. I maybe disappointed, but the holiday atmosphere changed my outlook. There are more than enough reasons to feel better.

I'm savoring my relaxing and quiet time at home while typing this post. I'm feeling thankful because I don't have to endure what was predicted as the worst traffic in Manila. It's the last work day before Christmas. Everyone is eager to go home. Some are probably doing last minute shopping, squeezed in reunions, dinners and Christmas parties. I also had my share of the holiday traffic. I cannot count the hours of road trips I had in EDSA. Despite of everything, I will never trade the happiness this season brings.

Had dinner with friends, ate a lot, forgot about exercise, exchanged gifts and stories, arrived home the next day, slept less than 4 hours, and reported to work the next day  - Story of my life last week ;) I don't have much photos with my friends, I'm left with presents and leftover cake to remind me of everything. Shout out to my friends: A, T, some workplace friends, and to my blogger friends, Mother E and Leah!!!! My Christmas will never be complete without them.

Books will always define my quiet time - Lately, I've been fascinated with comic books and graphic novels. Blame my endless visits at Fully Booked's Gateway Branch. I guess I felt tired with lengthy novels. I got attracted with another segment of light and easy reads. Also, I have been enjoying Japanese literary pieces these days. I have the impression that Japanese are highly disciplined, serious and perfect. Japanese authors surprised me with their culture. I believe this deserves a separate post. 

Home finally - I was able to score some freelance works. The holiday break provides me a comfortable working pace. I can work in my pyjamas, enjoy healthier meals with my family, read books, watch some K drama and more importantly, get enough sleep.

This post has been overdue for six days. Hahaha It almost overlapped with my next Sunday post. The past week went a little crazy for me, on top of the holiday traffic. I spent my Saturday sleeping. My entire Sunday was spent on the road (again) to meet some good old friends. It felt tiring, but as always, so fulfilling in the end.