A few days before Christmas, I was expecting my days to wind down. Like the previous years, I intend to spend my two-week break at home. But life or my mind made other plans. Some freelance works happened and last minute shopping came in. My organisation skills didn't work this time. An errand made in the nearby mall is more than enough to ruin my budget. Other than my financial state, I also noticed how my physical health deteriorated. My resistance is beginning to slow down. Headaches, episodes of dizziness and the more prevalent, aching soles. Both prolonged walking and sitting cause numbness and mild pains on my soles. My mother suspects it's my weight to blame. I fear of having gout or rheumatism. I hope not. Looks like old age came to me so early. Moreso, my sinful food intakes are killing me now.

A few days ago, I chanced the airing of Bea Alonzo and Sam Milby's film. I forgot the title, but it's the film that cause all the magic 8 ball to disappear (sold out) in local toy stores. :p Believe it or not, much of the events in the film's plot were driven by the silly magic 8 ball. Going back, there were several lines in the film that caught me. The most significant was how people often misinterpret the phase of "moving on." I love how the film emphasised its real meaning. Moving on does not simply mean continuing our daily lives. Having "moved" entails changes. One cannot be in the same place or position and claimed to have moved on. I'm keeping this on my list of important mental notes...... To which I realised, the better mantra should be change finally happened and not change is coming. :p 

Similarly, one of my favourite Facebook groups was stormed with comments on life lessons in 2017. After reading the long thread, I noticed the dominant life lessons mentioned include

1. Keep trying and trying
2. Standing up on your own aka becoming your own hero
3. Nothing is permanent, people come and go
4. Don't invest on other people's "unrequited" attention ... magtira para sa sarili (I think it's better said in Filipino :p) Save something for yourself.

I think I don't need to expound more. :) I'll leave it with the thought that everyone, who shared the sentiments, are survivors of their own battles. Having been here, I consider myself as one. (Gives myself some pat on the back) :) 

I wanted to write a year-ender post. But as I have said, my organisation skills are quite a mess these days. I have freelance works and a room to fix and organise. Let me end this post with some nice photos over the past days.

I will miss my favourite Christmas decors. In a few days, I will be packing them away.

This year's biggest splurge was on books, particularly coffee table books.

Big thanks to everyone who made my 2017! Enjoy new year's eve and wishing everyone a prosperous 2018!.