Examination Week, Thrift Books and Unproductivity - These made the past week. I wanted to include Blue Moon, but I was one of the few who didn't give a big deal. ;) I was occupied with other concerns, tired and sleepy. Somewhere along the way, I became affected with some issues aka unfair realities of life. Then again, I have this unending realization that some things like honesty and hard work will never be enough. The struggle is to how to become unaffected, inspired and motivated. Sometimes, the challenge is how to remain decent and truthful, even when dishonesty and taking advantage seemed to become an accepted practice. Sad, but that's how life worked last week. 

I'm trying to recall anything optimistic to cover up another unfortunate experience. A few good old friends, family, cousins, home, moments of laughter, and receiving some words of gratitude and appreciation. Meanwhile, here are other beautiful things that made the past week.

The usual table mess - The hours I don't use any of my social media accounts, emphasis on Facebook, is almost pure bliss. 

My struggle last week was prompted by an entry from my Facebook newsfeed. I thought I'm done with someone who used me for personal gains. I never imagined how a Facebook post can revive what I thought as healed wounds. There will always be people who will dampen my spirits. Recently, an undertaking made me realize another similar story is about to emerge. They say, when it rains, it pours. This is currently the theme of my life story.

Moving on, here's my weekly planner mess

A picture of many firsts - First vintage book, locket pendant for EO oil and Philippe Charriol. 

Me and my love for vintage postcards - Thank you Marieken! 

How to keep going? - The only choice left is to move forward. 

I'm trying my best to remain positive. More than a change in perspective or mind setting, I need a good boost. I might as well buy a microwavable popcorn, watch My Golden Life and check my pile of unread books. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!