The unexpected - This was the theme of the past week. It started with an unforeseen task. In the middle of the week, I found myself rushing a presentation. It felt like the good old days, back when I was 22 years old. Having been entrusted to present a report felt like a turning point in my career. I was nervous, but I treasure the opportunity. Last week's reporting was a different case. It was scheduled at 2 pm, everyone was sleepy. I'm not sure if I appeared informative or annoying. It later made me exhausted and hungry. In effect, I finished a entire burger meal from Wendy's. The week long efforts of exercising are now worthless. :p

Years ago, I would always feel great after earning a significant accomplishment. The feeling of being accomplished would later translate to motivation and inspiration. Last week, I felt like another useless being. The next days felt tiring and melancholy. I was counting the days  till weekend arrives. Friday came, another evening class finished and finally, the burden of this week was over. 

My weekend started out great because I accommodated my cousin's request. I woke up earlier than my usual Saturday schedule for National Bookstore's Book Binge Bazaar. Much of the books sold are in the genre of Young Adult reads, not really my favorite. I was able to score only three books, much to my relief. Hahaha Because we arrived early, we were able to finish shopping before lunch time. The rest of the weekend was spent at home and attending to some additional work from my freelance assignments. 

Meanwhile, here are photos from the past week

Reading and organizing my pile of letters and postcards

The three books I got from the Book Binge Bazaar. Each was priced at Php 175!!!

I suddenly craved for Mexican corn. 

Maybe, a reminder to keep me going this week.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!