Unexpected. This was the nearest theme I can assign for the past weekend. After a full week of work and some personal drama :p, I booked a hotel staycation with my friend A at the last minute. My intention was to stay home and sleep over the weekend. Despite feeling tired and weak, I rushed to the hotel and the rest was another relaxing and memorable weekend.

We got lucky with the last minute reservation. We were given a room with a view.

More than the comfiest bed, fast and stable wifi, excellent airconditioning units, I enjoyed the view from our room. It felt relaxing watching the hustle and bustle of the city and how it subsides from midnight till dawn. 

Thank you The Linden Suites :)

I spent the remaining hours of the weekend with my usual table mess

Stickers from Papemelroti - I think Papemelroti has leveled up their stickers. I was surprised to see these new designs from their Megamall branch. I bought it right away for my planner and letters. 

Postcards from Inspiredby.ph  - This company is one of my favorite discoveries last year. I finally found a company that produces creative and innovative Philippine postcards.

Before I end this, I encountered this video via Facebook

No texts, no email, or any online messaging facility in one work day. The challenge requires the lady to approach and personally communicate everyone she has to deal with.

I work for a relatively small organisation. We have the typical set up where everyone reports from 8 am to 5 pm. The only distance that separates me from my colleagues are the buildings where our offices are assigned. It's true that email or phone calls speed up coordination. But I guess, I'm too old-fashioned. I prefer to personally communicate with people, especially when there's too much at stake for a particular task. I realised, things work better this way. I can clearly explain my work requirements. I learned how things work in other offices. More importantly, I instantly receive better suggestions and problems are likewise addressed on the spot. Although admittedly, it feels exhausting hopping from one office to another. But at the end of the day, the benefits of personal communication still outweighs.

My case maybe different from other employees, especially those with off shore or cross country operations. If there's geographical distance involved, there's no choice but to rely on technology. But as much as possible, I highly encourage everyone to accommodate personal communication. More than getting the job done, it can sometimes bring you unexpected and worthwhile friendships.