The past few hours was spent stalking details of the Royal Wedding. ;) I watched the livestream while checking the contents of my social media accounts. Things I appreciate include the simple yet elegant plant ornaments at St. George's Chapel, Lady Jane Fellowes (Princess Diana's youngest sister) rendered the only reading, entrance of Prince William and Prince Harry (Princess Diana must have been smiling in heaven), Prince Harry's wedding suit and seeing a junior version on Prince George and the other pageboys, Duchess Meghan's veil details that represented the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, restored E-type blue Jaguar the couple used to head to their after-wedding party and The Kingdom Choir's rendition of Stand by Me. As for the best dressed, I love Kitty Spencer's D&G green dress, Karen Spencer's monotone look, and Victoria Beckham's navy dress. 

Other than the most awaited Royal Wedding, the past days were fine (I guess) except for some manageable hiccups at work. So far, I'm enjoying the rare times I can leave the workplace early. I can still catch sunsets in Manila. And these days, me and my friend A have been walking towards the train station. Our usual route includes passing along the historic Escolta Street. And as always, we still wish that an administration will finally have a sustainable action to restore its glorious days. If that is too much to ask, a great clean up project can work as its initial stage of restoration.

Meanwhile, here's more from last week in photos

Weekly table mess - I'm impressed with the quality of my Instax photos. There was no indication of discoloration, even though some of the were taken more than 5 years ago. Although these days, I rarely use my Instax mini. Maybe it's time to take it out and use it again. 

This mini luggage bag, I can't wait for an occasion to use it. If only I can use it for work. ;) But there's no way my everyday stuff would fit in this mini bag.

Another enchanting postcard  - Thanks Terra! 

Another table mess with my collection of postcards

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!