It was another typical work week. Morning rush, crowded trains, consolidating reports, coordinating with offices, lunch break with my friends, catching sunsets while walking to the train station, trying my best to squeeze in some exercise, and checking my social media accounts until I fall asleep. In the middle of everything, the news gave me more than enough surprises. It started when this unreliable female government official committed another disgraceful act. If she was working in our organization, she has already been subjected to some serious disciplinary action. But from the looks of everything, she is keeping her position. The rest of us have no choice but to accept this bitter reality Our hard earned taxes will always be used to support some unworthy government officials. Okay, end of my rant. ;)

In other news, the death of Kate Spade and Antony Bourdain has been occupying my mind the past few days. Honestly, I hate it when some people undermine and play victim blaming. I may not have the expertise in Psychology to argue, but I will never have the heart to blame Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and all those lives taken away by depression. One of the best articles I read about depression and mental illness is this post from Joanna Goddard

Kate Spade is one of those brands I discovered from blogging. She will always remind me of vibrant colors, bows and polka dots. I will always admire her style, creativity and bravery. She is a game changer, artist and entrepreneur who made things happen. 

Some time last week, I toured one of my cousins in Manila. I was surprised to see this Chinese garden in the middle of the city. 

Because I cannot choose which photo to upload, I considered everything in this post. ;) Thankful to colleagues who sent souvenirs from their trip in Taiwan.

The miniature wishing lantern relates Happiness, Blessings and Sweetness.
 Thank you Jackie for the translation. :) 

Words of encouragement - I will never get tired of saying that Terra is one of the best things that happened to me in the blogosphere. She is one of my constant sources of inspiration and support. 

I used to complain of the tiring and irritating summer heat. Before the past week ended, everyone was surprised with the sudden change in weather. There has been consistent rainshowers in the afternoon since Thursday. When Saturday came, it was all rainy and gloomy. It has been raining for three straight days. Setting aside the prolonged commuting hours, dealing with hidden and deep puddles and fear that the train might suspend operations, I savor the rare times we experience a colder and relaxing weather.

The heavy rains caused work to be suspended yesterday. Given the Tuesday holiday, I have been blessed with an unexpected long weekend. My story would have been different if payday came last Friday. ;) I quietly spent the past weekend at home. I took home some work, which I hope to finish before reporting on Wednesday. I also earned a new set of freelance work. Unfortunately, I underestimated everything. I'm still on the process of deciphering the tons of reading materials. Hopefully, I can use the holiday to become productive. I'm afraid I might end up spending the day in bed reading books and watching some K drama until I fall asleep.. again. :p 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!