I've been wanting to visit the Museum of Natural History, ever since I heard its opening date on the International Museum Day. On the first few days of its opening, the lines really got long. It's proof that people are becoming more interested with museums. But I hope everything is not just about the hype. I hope families and school tours will continue to visit. After all, this area in Manila is a good hub for museums. There's the National Museum of Fine Arts, Anthropology, Filipino People, Planetarium and Museo Pambata. I haven't even included museums of some government agencies such as Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and from the old churches in Intramuros. 

Much of the photo releases of this Museum focused on the Tree of Life. It's the central area that provides a view of the entire structure. The photos were not deceiving. I was amazed with the magnificence of this contemporary architecture. We climbed the white ramps to reach the highest point of Tree of Life. It gave a perfect 360-degree view of the Museum. I have to mention, I appreciate making ramps instead of stairs. This will benefit PWD guests, even in the absence of elevators. 

We explored the different galleries and was satisfied with the limited collections. I maybe wrong, but in my opinion, the displayed collections were still inadequate. The museum has great interiors and more than enough spaces to accommodate more collections. I also noticed, the galleries were named from different private corporations. It's great to learn that funding from the private sector came to this endeavor. 

My favorite part of the museum was the mangroves, beaches and intertidal zones. I love the replica of the mangroves. Although I wish  it was made bigger. Like, maze levels? :) Both kids and kids at heart will surely appreciate it.

Just to give everyone an idea what is currently available for viewing,

As you can see, majority is not available for viewing. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my brief tour.