I just finished watching the Thai film, Bad Genius. The reviews were not deceiving, I now regret not watching it earlier. The story centers on Lynn, a top performing student single-handedly raised by his economically struggling father. Like any other parent, the modest father wanted the best education for her daughter. Lynn was sent to a prestigious school, in the hope that this will give her the ticket to study abroad. Typical to any movie, one can expect what happens when the smart and economically disadvantaged meets the wealthy yet academically struggling kids. Instead of being bullied, Lynn became an accomplice of the rich kids. What started as the usual cheating in class exams, transformed to a money making mechanism. The cheating business later progressed to a grand project aimed to provide leaks to a standardized entrance examination for US based universities. 

The unpredictable plot, suspense and hidden themes made me enjoy the film. As much as I don't want to deal with it, the scene where Bank emphasized that continuing the cheating business is way better than earning a university degree retained on me. The cheating business made Lynn and Bank earn millions of money. Some university graduates, who honestly worked their way, will probably never earn that amount of money in their lifetime. It sounds harsh and pessimistic, but reality speaks half of it. . If there's anything powerful than money, I always return to value system. But the question on how to  impart values is something I will not attempt to explain. I can claim expertise in other fields, but values education is not just me. Then again, I realized this is what we need ... even adults need some refresher course. :p Proof to this are all those viral videos that generated public outrage in Facebook. Admittedly, there was one that remained a constant topic within my circles. In my mind, it would just take another viral video or controversy to end all the heated discussions and opinions.

I always complain that I have nothing to write over the past months. This week, I guess I had more than enough. ;) Here's something to break all the rants and negativities I started. :p

My slow, quiet and relaxing weekend mornings

Cravings satisfied - Thank you  SM Supermarket for providing cheaper slices of my favorite Salmon Sashimi. I got a tray of local sashimi for only Php 200. Unfortunately, this is not a staple item from the store. Availability is always dependent from supplier's stocks. 

Another favorite from Yellow Cab, Dear Darla pizza is love

My trusted companions against cough and sore throat

Some of my favorite things lately

I spent a lot of time making this post, not realizing I have a pending freelance work. I can't afford to be lazy, especially now that my laptop's screen is deteriorating. Hopefully, I'll be able to score a better replacement at a great price deal. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead and for myself, please wish more more freelance earnings :p