My family may not be oriented on the concept of Thanksgiving, but I lately realized that we have been practicing our own version. My late Lolo's (grandfather) birthday usually falls on or before Thanksgiving Day. In the past years, my family gathers for lunch on his birthday. This year, no plans  were made.  I guess everyone assumed the default plan of organising the usual padasal on his first death anniversary. But Lolo probably made a way. Our family was reunited through the baptism of the family's youngest member. We had a sumptuous lunch. I got to spend time with my cousins. We went to the nearby mall to shop for Christmas gifts. Some of them stayed and we had dinner before Sunday ended. It was another rare well spent weekend. Times like this is more than enough to make me feel thankful. Me and my cousins may have our own struggles in life. But opportunities like these made us feel that we can be happy, even in the presence of adversity. 

So much has happened last week and even early this week. Bottomline, this quote captured my sentiments and most of the things happening lately. 

I guess this needs no further explanation. My usual struggle though, I'm not good on reading human behavior. My strength is always on overanalyzing and causing myself unnecessary stress. :p Recent experiences reminded me again that I'm not meant for debates, heated discussions and lengthy meetings. As always, I rather focus on getting the job done. Defending myself and explaining to everyone will never be my cup of tea. I'm not sure but part of me believes that my background in Economics and Statistics strengthens my aversion on draining verbal discourses. I'm a data driven person in the professional field. Figures will never lie. It is not tainted or biased. It will speak the truth at all circumstances. In effect, I sometimes prefer to deal with numbers than people?  ;) 

On the lighter side, I love Papemelroti's new line of postcards.
Snippets of last weekend through my mobile phone - It has always been a pleasure to tour friends in my hometown. Everyone enjoyed great food from Industriya, another hometown favorite dining place. 

Uniqlo always come up with the best collaborations. The Sesame Street collection is love!!! 

And sometimes, I can't help but wish that my problems, worries and issues in life can be washed away by inhaling essential oils. :p

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!