And just like that, March is over. The first quarter of the year is gone. A few weeks ago, I was savoring the rare cold weather in Manila. The past few days, summer is starting to be felt. Not really my favorite season, especially with the water shortage in Manila. The interruption in water supply is causing everyone to make adjustments. If essential needs such as constant water supply cannot be provided, I guess I should lower my expectations on other critical social issues?

This post was supposed to be published two Sundays ago. :( I skipped two posts. Life in general, has been so demanding lately. Too much work and concerns at home. I'm all left dead tired on weekends. Last week, one of my most awaited task at the workplace was finally accomplished. It was my first to co-organize a summit that hosted hundreds of participants. I learned so much, especially on the side of preparations. Events management was never my turf. Though I used to organise seminars, trainings and meetings, it was my first attempt for a relatively large event. I owe it big time to supportive colleagues. My heart will forever be thankful to them.

The week is about to end again and soon enough, there's another holiday that awaits. I'm looking forward to spend it with my family, always. I hope we have lunch together and just like last year, be able to watch the Good Friday procession in my hometown.

Wishing everyone a great Friday!