Another midweek, another month to end. November went so fast, same went with 2019. Honestly, I still can't catch up. I'm always caught with additional tasks. I never found the time to exercise again, way different than what happened last year. I miss my weekend morning jogs and hustle of squeezing late night work outs on weekdays. My flabby arms are back. My knees are starting to weaken. It didn't help that water interruption recurred. Taking a series of staircase easily exhausts me. I miss the kind of life I had in the previous years. While 2018 was steady, this year was rocky. Everything felt uncertain.

Before the last month of the year, uncertainties and bad news do not seem to end. My mother's eyesight is deteriorating. We're hoping that the month long medications will work. Otherwise, it's another laser treatment before Christmas. My hardworking uncle was forced to stop from work because of abrupt diabetes complications. Two seasoned colleagues passed away. Bad things happened to some few good people I know. On a personal level, nothing seems to work with my plans. 

If there's any consolation, I have maintained a small and reliable group of trusted friends, mentors and family members. My situation forced me to reach out and talk to each of them. I will forever be grateful to people who took time to listen and understand. I would not have survived the year without their support.

While I can't wait for this year to end, part of me feels uneasy for 2020. I cannot simply say, everything will go away as soon as I leave 2019. It's the same set of worries and responsibilities. The little breaks in between, like the two-week holiday is a much needed breather. I pray for tranquility and hopefully, some tasks will be wrapped up as well. 

Meanwhile, I miss this kind of weekend. Laidback, quiet, books, sleep, food deliveries, rare time with my cousins, quick trips to the mall ... I also realized, I haven't made any travel this year. The farthest I've been was in Rizal where I had an early breakfast trip at Burrow Cafe. 

Before Sunday ended, I received a gift from a relative abroad. I mentioned many times here, I've always wanted a Mini Ella tote from Tory Burch. But since it's expensive, I settled for a fine coffee table book. (Thank you National Bookstore's Book Blow out sale.) I didn't get the Ella, but I received a different Tory Burch bag. :) 

I gave in to a pair of Melissa :p - I have no other excuses, but the pair I got was worth it.

A beautiful page from Flow Magazine's, A Book That Takes its Time.