I still can't get over Crash Landing on You. In particular, Captain Ri or Hyun Bin in real life. I've been searching information about him. He has no social media account, making his personal life perfectly concealed. In return though, this creates more mystery and heightens interest of his fans. But for his benefit and sanity, I have to agree. It's best that his personal life left on private. 

On top of stalking stalking his previous drama and movie projects, I'm also in the look for CLOY merchandise. I'm always led to expensive CLOY album showcasing the OST and some printed photos. It looks nice, but not enough to induce my shopaholic hormones. :p In effect, I settled on this semi-DIY standees and some stickers. I'm hoping to send some with friends, who shared my crush on Captain Ri. :p Speaking of fellow CLOY fans, I noticed that most people who loved Hyun Bin and this K drama belong to the category of Titas of Manila. One article initially shared the statistic of downloads for this K drama. As it appears, women aged 30 and above comprise majority of the viewers and fans of Captan Ri. I initially laughed about it. Only to later realize it's accuracy within my circles. :p 

Now that CLOY is really over, weekends and Netflix never felt the same. I've been receiving suggestions for a great K drama to binge watch but lately, I'm not in the mood. Probably because I'm still sleep deprived. All my other concerns from work and home are multiplying. Added to this all scare brought by the COVID-19 in Manila. Just this week, the number of cases seemed to multiply everyday. I'm trying to be positive and thought of things that can divert my attention and cause me some good news. These include

1. Finishing a documentation project passed on to me
2. All the customer satisfaction survey at the office properly implemented and completed, this caused me a major headache this week
3. Pending reports completed
4. Freelance works ended and fully paid
5. Get back to exercise just like 2018
6. Eight hours of sleep on weekdays
7. Lazy, quiet and laid back weekends
8. signed memorandum of agreement on the academe - industry partnership I'm working with
9. 100% of bills paid and my online orders arrived :p
10. .... still, on peace of mind :p