If COVID-19 didn't happen, the last days of October would have been one of my favorite time of the year. I get to visit the salon for my annual hair treatment. There's the trick or treat at the workplace, I start my Christmas shopping, I usually bring my mother to the shopping mall and there's the usual reunion with my paternal family. I enjoy the halloween decors everywhere. There's a short break I look forward and later, the Christmas rush will come in a full swing. I even have travel plans this time of the year. Sadly, anything related to travel has to be set aside. It would have been my first time to experience real fall in a country blessed with four seasons. 

It rained so hard the past few days. I think it's one of the rare times this year when a typhoon hit NCR and the surrounding regions. Can't help but reminisce, I still had a holiday hangover last January. I enjoyed the rare cold weather back then. After the major event at the workplace, we capped the day with Korean barbecue. There's already news about the lockdown in Wuhan. We even spent Chinese New Year in Binondo. A few days after, I was alarmed with the number of Chinese schools in Manila suspending classes for weeks. I ended a freelance work on February. The first weeks of March marked the start of some major tasks at work. A few days after, our world stopped. It's been 7 months and my country is still on quarantine. 

Today, I physically reported for work. There's an extended weekend because of All Saints and All Souls Day. In the previous year, the environment is already light and relaxing. In the morning, the kids visit each office for the annual trick or treat. By afternoon, everyone is excited to go home. We were the last group who left the workplace because we started building our Christmas decors. It was Halloween in the morning and Christmas in the evening. :p 

The atmosphere this year was so different. Everyone was still rushing home only because of the shuttle services' schedule. The waiting area for the shuttle services is the only chance to see colleagues. I was left in the waiting area because it took me a while to secure a Grab ride. It felt sad seeing colleagues, particularly the segment of support staff, leaving the workplace. Like the usual days, I was the last person to leave. I miss our old workplace, our students and my friends. I drop by the mall for some shopping requests from my cousin. (This is my new role in the family.) I also took advantage of Rustan's sale to buy toys for my nephews. I treated myself for a Taco Bell meal and there, another month passed. 

Before I headed home from the workplace, there's a minor incident that irritated me. One of my pet peeves is the inconsistent implementation of rules. When exemptions are granted on selected individuals. I attempted for some consideration, but to no avail. Oh well....

I'll end this day with Netflix and plan what food to order for the family :p