The first month of 2021 is almost over. I still have same sentiments, nothing much has changed from 2020.  Some of our neighboring Asian countries have started real vaccination. My country has a different story. As always, I conditioned myself to lower my expectations. But sure enough, I will have myself vaccinated when the "better" or more reliable brand comes in the Ph market. I will definitely refuse taking in vaccines from companies with tainted reputation and concealed results of clinical trials. 

There were changes in my work life for 2021. One is the need to frequently report onsite. I have to part ways with work from home (WFH) arrangement this year. The only time I can WFH is whenever I have classes, which happens once a week. I don't have complaints and I'm beyond grateful for the continuous work and salary. But I must admit, I can't help but notice the privilege of those with 100% WFH arrangement. I've been an advocate of this set-up several years ago. My short lived wfh set-up may not be perfect, but I appreciate the short lived opportunity. 

Years ago, I used to have a decent workspace at home. After completing my masteral studies, I set aside everything and used the dining table on the few times I have take home work. It often involved freelance works that fueled the much awaited additional earnings. The quarantine restrictions came and soon enough, the dining table was no longer an appropriate place. I needed a quiet space for online meetings and classes. This started the gradual transformation of my bedroom. It started with the mobile table, air cooler and all these shopping sites that introduced me to other wfh furniture. I gave up my favorite yellow chair and acquired this discounted mesh office chair at Lazada. I never imagined how a thin mesh material can feel so comfortable. This chair definitely deserves a separate review. 

Another wfh purchase last year was this AirPods Pro. The technology impressed me but tbh, it wasn't complementing my wfh needs. I found it rather useful for recreation, Netflix, VIU and Spotify. If COVID19 didn't ruin everything, I'm probably using it during my weekend jogging at the riverbanks. 

I'm typing this post after a long week at work. I can't feel signs of decent progress with my deliverables. I feel exhausted from all the unproductive efforts. :'(