Our fur babies were likewise affected by the quarantine restrictions. My Dad and cousin usually schedule visits to the Veterinarian for our two fur babies, Grey and Oreo, every 3 to 4 months. Oreo's eyes need to be checked because of excessive mucus. Grey suffers from ear infection every now and then. With the quarantine restrictions, it was a struggle to book an appointment from our usual Veterinary Clinic. When my cousin successfully booked an appointment, the Vet was not available. Hence, only grooming services were accommodated. But tbh, I was not satisfied with the last grooming session. I discovered cuts and dried wounds from Grey's neck. My cousin decided, only check ups will be availed from the Vet Clinic. We have to find another place to take care of the pet grooming.

Around September of last year, I discovered Happy Endings Mobile Pet Grooming services from another cousin. I'm not sure how long they have been in the business, but the idea was perfect with our current situation. One does not leave home to take care of pet grooming. It maybe a little expensive than physically visiting the clinic. Grooming services are dependent on the weight of the dog. A full groom ranges from Php 550 to Php 1,400. We paid Php 650 for Grey and Php 750 for Oreo. The full groom includes bath, blow dry, brush, cologne, powder, cut, ear cleaning and nail trimming. 

But considering transport costs and health concerns, Happy Endings Mobile Pet Grooming is still practical. Aside from dogs, they also accommodate cats. 

More than the convenience, the real test is the quality of service. I watched the entire process and I would say, every Peso spent was worth it. The driver and the staff in charge of the grooming were respectful, customer oriented, patient and very careful with our dogs, especially with Grey. Grey usually gets irritated when his ears are touched. The staff also helped us in applying the medicine drops to his always irritated ears. 

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Happy Endings Pet Grooming, This will not be the last time we will avail of their services. 

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