Before COVID-19 hit our family, I was clueless of the assistance provided by the City Government of Marikina. My family was fortunate because I have cousins who helped me figured out everything. My family's COVID-19 experience ended in the most painful way. I want to make something meaningful from our experience. I hope this post will contribute in one way or another. 

While there are tons of information available online,  I haven't encountered a one-stop source that organized all the COVID-19 assistance provided by the City. Hence, I took the initiative to summarize what I know based from my family's experience. 

Here are the questions I will answer in this post. 

1. Where to secure an antigen or RT PCR test in Marikina? 

2. What are the different COVID-19 hospitals in Marikina?

3. How to secure a bed in any of the COVID-19 hospitals?

4. What can Rescue 161 offer for COVID-19 patients?

5. What assistance the City Government offers for COVID-19 patients? 

6. How do I get vaccinated in Marikina? 


1. Where to secure an antigen or RT PCR test in Marikina? 

There are different ways to secure an antigen or RT-PCR test in Marikina.

1.1  Through your respective Barangay Offices
1.2  Marikina City Health Office (see the posted numbers in the picture below) 
1.2  Call Rescue 161

Once your request is approved, you will be given a designated schedule. The testing site is situated at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina along Rainbow Street in SSS Village. 

I accompanied my Dad to the testing site. When he emerged positive, I request for tests for the rest of the family. I also made special arrangements for my bed ridden brother. We were allowed to have home service test at no cost. 

Other key information you need in securing an antigen or RT-PCR test

1. Prepare your Philhealth ID or MDR
2. Valid ID 
2. The antigen and RT-PCR is free or charge for Marikina residents. However, if the purpose of the test is for employment requirement, I believe there's a different policy and fees involved. 
3. You have to sign documents in the testing center, so better to bring your own pen. 

Results are sent via courier. From our experience, it was delivered a day after the RT-PCR was conducted. You can also follow up and secure advanced electronic copies of the results through the email addresses provided in the second photo above. 

2. What are the different COVID-19 hospitals in Marikina?

There are only three hospitals accepting COVID-19 cases. 

Marikina Valley Medical Center - When we inquired a bed for my mother last August 31, 2021, we were given a reservation number, 71 !!!! So this was no longer an option for us. 

Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center - My family didn't anymore consider this government owned hospital. We conditioned ourselves that bed space are automatically full. 

Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center - Marikina Rescue 161 hotline directed us to inquire from this hospital. We didn't anymore consider this because my cousin already found a bed from Assumption Specialty and Medical Center in Antipolo. I also tried to verify via Facebook messenger yesterday. But all I received were those auto-generated responses. 

3. How to secure a bed in any of the COVID-19 hospitals?

You can call the hospital's emergency hotline. A lot of hospitals have social media accounts but tbh, most of them are not responsive. You can also directly visit the hospital, this never helped in our case. Based from our experience, the best way is to receive a referral from an in-house doctor

My family is not used to availing services from any hospital. My mom's last hospital confinement was year 2000. Dad's health issues are immediately addressed by short visits to the Clinic. We met my brother's physician three years ago and we recently learned that she already passed away. In my case, I always rely on the in-house doctors offered by my employer.

Needless to say, my family is not connected with any doctors. We were able to secure a bed from Assumption Hospital through the help of my cousin. He knows one of the resident physicians who gave us a referral. 

DOH's One Command Center is another alternative to seek assistance. My cousin took the role of looking for a hospital. Unfortunately, the numbers posted in their social media page weren't responding. 

4. What can Rescue 161 offer for COVID-19 patients?

Initially, I thought that Marikina Rescue 161 can help residents find a hospital for COVID-19 patients. I later learned the protocol. 

You have to find a hospital bed for your COVID-19 patient. 

Rescue 161's ambulance is limited on picking up a COVID-19 patient from home to the hospital, assuming the family already found a "confirmed hospital bed." They even verify and call your confirmed hospital before sending the ambulance. 

While this protocol maybe disheartening, the entire service provided by Marikina Rescue 161 is FREE. 

Aside from ambulance services, Rescue 161 also offers assistance in terms of operating the oxygen tank and possibly, other treatment for mild COVID-19 cases. 

5. What assistance the City Government offers for COVID-19 patients? 

They provide a box of groceries for confirmed COVID-19 patients. 

They offer free antigen test after the 14-day quarantine. In some cases, they automatically schedule and inform the patient of their second swab test. In the case of my father, I have to coordinate for his second swab test. Close contact of confirmed COVID-19 patients can also avail of the free RT-PCR test, provided you are a resident of Marikina. 

A physician from the Marikina Health Office will call the patient and provide free consultation. I thought this was a very helpful service. Unfortunately, the service was not consistent. My Dad received a phone call and useful advises. When my Nanay emerged positive, we never received such assistance. 

I'm not sure if there are other forms of assistance offered by the City Government. I can only speak for what my family have received. But as a point for improvement, I hope the tele-consultation will be consistently implemented. 

Speaking of free doctor's consultation, I recently discovered the Bayanihan E-konsulta from the Office of the Vice President. I wish I had discovered this earlier. The facebook page is also well organized, it contains useful references to other LGUs. 

6. How do I get vaccinated in Marikina? 

You can find all the details in this site