Before that painful day in September 2021 came, I was occupied with work (as always). The project, which our office spearheaded, culminates midweek of August to the early weeks of September. I was able to manage the first few weeks. I have to withdraw and delegate responsibilities to colleagues when Nanay was hospitalized. Sadly, she didn't make it. I'm beyond grateful to colleagues and my superior, who took care of all the responsibilities. 

The photos here were taken before COVID devastated my family and admittedly, even my trust and faith to God. I'll detail this in another post. 

I have plans after the completion of my major project, both for my colleagues and family. Sadly, I was never given the opportunity to pursue it. Despite my doubts and distrust, I'm holding on to the light that God has better plans. But currently, I'm filled with pain, sadness, fear and worries. I'm struggling in so many ways. As always, taking everything one day at a time.