I'm having second thoughts on continuing this blog. I think I'm on my way of maintaining a series of sad and pathetic posts. There are days when everything seems to fall in place. I thought I'm in the process of full recovery. But the streak of better days will be broken by something that would remind me of Nanay. Added to this, I would overthink and worry of other concerns. I have been living in this cycle for the past months. The only thing that somehow comforted me was Dad's laboratory exam results were fine. There were some issues arising from old age, but his respiratory system is all good. My next agenda is to have him checked by an ophthalmologist. Hopefully, the doctor in the clinic is way better than the internist who was always in a hurry. :) I'm praying for Dad's good eyesight. 

Other than Dad's health concerns, processing my Nanay's SSS benefits, her bank account and finding a new doctor for my brother are the pending tasks I have. All other things, it's about the work responsibilities I needed to attend. 

Some things that diverted my attention lately 

The Body Shop's Vitamin C Instant Smoother - I was initially eyeing The Body Shop's Vitamin C moisturizer. For some reason, I can't find it in the physical store. I ended buying this instant smoother instead. It can act as a moisturizer and a primer at the same time. I substituted this to Olay's everyday serum. My verdict, I should have tried this earlier!!! It makes my skin look lighter and healthier. 

I can't afford the bags but receiving anything from their makeup line is a much welcomed gift. Thank you Angela's Box. I can now understand the difference between good and bad lipstick. :) 

Uniqlo's AIRISM - I didn't know that Uniqlo has their own line of bed linen. TBH, I wouldn't purchase anything from its original price. The slight discount made me try their pillow cases. The satisfied customer in me made me purchase the bed sheet. This is another "tita" purchase I would recommend. 

Didn't realize that I have this cute beetle for years 

Thank you Terra for the book and years of friendship.