I was supposed to upload this post on the first day of 2022. Like the previous years, I wanted to start on a positive note. But life made other plans. January 2022 was filled with fear, struggle, which eventually led to a gradual phase of healing and recovery. 

My family had another encounter with COVID-19. Last year, both my parents contacted the virus. My mother unfortunately didn't survive. It's the most painful experience I had in my years of existence. Along with grief, I was struggling with work and all the adjustments at home. 

On the process of rebuilding our family without my mother, me and my bed ridden brother contacted the virus. The first weeks of January were filled with fear. My brother is unvaccinated. My symptoms were mild, but what they say as long COVID or post-COVID 19 symptoms are becoming evident on me. 

I was confined at home for 14 days. I didn't imagine spending the first days of 2022 that way. I'll detail everything in another post.