Oh, hi there! In case there are still people reading my blog. My last life update happened on January. I'll never forget 2022 because it gave me a memorable COVID-19 welcome. I survived, but recovery was a different story. I battled post-covid symptoms while catching up with all the demands from work. The past weeks were tough. It felt like half of the year happened in two months. There were good days, especially whenever I accomplish tasks and everyone at home is doing well. But more often than not, I still have silent crying episodes. Grief has successfully worked its way in my system. It knows when to make its presence felt. This has been the reason why I'm close to ending this blog. I feel like this will eventually compile a series of sorrowful posts. 

I'm trying all feasible means to handle my grief. Initially, I thought keeping myself occupied with work and securing accomplishments can help. It does to a limited extent. Months ago, we secured positive results from our accreditation project. I was happy but hours later, grief attacked me. I realized, I no longer have a mother to share my accomplishment. This has been my cycle, every accomplishment is both a trigger for happiness and another crying episode. 

Other than grief, the past months brought me additional responsibilities. I took over some family related concerns handled by my mother. It was fulfilling but overwhelming most of the time. I was never prepared. I guess this also explains why I felt like I aged so much in a span of five months. My coping mechanism is investing on good skin care products and overhauling my closet. I'm exerting efforts to look better. While I'm suffering inside, I'm trying all means to uplift myself. I guess this is better than allowing myself to cry all the time. 

While everyone enjoyed the past Christmas break, I used it as an opportunity to attend on paperworks related to my mother's death. I didn't expect that two weeks will never be enough, especially with some government agencies. It was tiring and frustrating. Yesterday I finally had the courage to take a leave from work. I started another cycle of endless visits to government agencies. I would like to believe that I'm getting everything done soon.

After spending four hours waiting in a government agency, it surprisingly felt refreshing to walk around my hometown. I bought fruits and my favorite kakanin from the local wet market. I went to this decades old neighborhood bakery. Nothing still beats freshly baked spanish bread and pan de coco in a humid afternoon. I also discovered a home-based burger stand within my neighborhood. If only I don't have issues with my cholesterol level. :p 

On my efforts of transforming myself .... I wear midi skirts to work for months already. I never imagined myself to wear skirts before the pandemic. My inclination with skirts also forced me to acquire matching tops. I also have to blame Jodi Santamaria's excellent portrayal in series,  The Broken Marriage Vow. The wardrobe team of Jodi or Dra. Jill Illustre made Filipiniana inspired outfits so easy and elegant. In effect, I became interested on local shops offering Filipiniana inspired daily wear. I'm on my way of becoming a full pledged Tita. :p I have to admit that I've graduated from skinny jeans, sweat pants and hoodies. 

Still on being a #TitaOfManila - I discovered this K drama because Son Ye-jin is becoming popular again. Fans of Crash Landing on You can't get enough of her real life romance with Captain Ri. Son Ye-jin made us believe that one can find love even at 40!!!

Lastly, I finally acquired a pink top. :) It's women's month and I have long believed in the capability of women to lead and make things happen.