The pandemic, which led my overexposure to Shopee and all social media platforms, introduced me to Deerma. My first Deerma purchase was a vacuum. I was impressed with the Deerma vacuum that retails for less than Php 2,000. I used it mostly in my room and on those times when we were still struggling with household chores. Because I was satisfied with my first Deerma purchase, I decided to acquire another item. This time, I purchased the Dust Mite vacuum. 

Like any other online shopper, I waited for a good deal to secure the purchase. If I'm not mistaken I purchased my unit during the 8-8 sale last year. 

I had high expectations for my second purchase. I was likewise driven by the good reviews everywhere. But sadly, I wasn't totally satisfied with the purchase. 

Here are my observations

1. It has a very small filter. Yes I understand that since it is intended for bed, chairs and cushions, hence the smaller filter. Unfortunately, I find the filter too small, which in effect limits its capability. I also find it weird that the supposedly hand-held machine is too big, yet comes with a very small filter.

2. It's heavy and quite inconvenient to use. It was supposedly a handheld machine and I was expecting it to be lighter. I was surprised that it is both bulky and heavy.

3. Its capability to capture all those dirt and dust are limited. I observed that it can only capture fine dust, but not necessarily those rather visible dirt. I was expecting it to be as powerful as the usual Deerma Vacuum.

4. Emits so much noise and heats up easily

5. It claims to be equipped with a UV light function. I'm not sure if it's really working.

6. While other consumers showed excessive amount of dust collected after usage, ours didn't capture that much dust. Although at the back of mind, I thought that maybe, our mattresses weren't as bad at all. 

Deerma has another expensive model of a hand held vacuum. It has more brushes and claims to have deeper reach than this model. Part of me wants to purchase the more expensive model. But deep inside, my discontentment for this model prevents me to proceed with the purchase.