Late last year, my friend gave me the opportunity to experience the opportunity of owning a Chanel. How I wish it was a bag or the popular tweed coat. It wasn't the Chanel I envision but still, it was a chance to experience the luxurious brand. I started with a lipstick and later the face powder, I both purchased. I treated it as my Christmas gift for myself. A few months after, she gave me that much coveted eye shadow palette. 

Months after using these products, I finally knew what expensive make up feels like. The face powder was way different that the usual drug store brand I purchase. The coverage was great, didn't cause me pimples and for some reason, it has that capability to even out my skin tone. I use the palette everyday since October and I'm only nearing halfway the plate. So I guess in the end, it is still worth it (despite the steep price) because one face powder can last for months. In a year, I can probably consume only two face powders. 

The lipstick was a different story. I love the packaging and the distinct way of opening the lipstick. Unfortunately, the lipstick is not highly pigmented. If there will be next time, I might try another shade. I tried it on several occasions, but overall, the color easily wears off. For the lipstick, I'll go for another brand. 

The eye shadow palette was impressive. I have the Chanel Les 4 Ombres 362. I always prefer eye shadow in shades of pink. The shade didn't disappoint, a little stroke goes a long way. Similar with the face powder, I feel that the palette will serve me for a long time. I hope I can master the art of blending because I want to maximize this expensive palette, especially that it was given as a gift. 

I'm not aware of the retail stores offering Chanel products in Manila. Years ago, I saw a section in Rustan's Makati and SM Makati, places I visit once in a blue moon. :p There are Chanel products sold in Zalora, you just have to wait for promotional discounts. The easiest way I can recommend is via my trusted reseller, Angela's Box. She sources supplies from USA and the local Duty Free stores.