There are still a few more days before the month of June ends. Looking back, it felt like one of the longest months I had this year. So much has happened, my thoughts are still scattered. I still feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities. 

The significant events that happened this month include 

1. We celebrated the first birthday of my mother in heaven. To be honest, I was not in the mood to invite relatives at home. If I had things my way, I would have set aside the resources as emergency funds for my brother. Something I need to relearn is the fact that anything about my mother is still dependent on her remaining siblings. In the end, I gave in to their preferences. 

2. I finished another leg of seminar series with a group of young seminarians. It started last year,  I'm thankful for being entrusted with the same task. This year was memorable because it was my first face-to-face lecture. For the first time, I'm talking outside of Zoom or Google Meet. It was refreshing to see real faces and experience immediate feedback, no need to mute and unmute. :p

3. I thought my financial struggle ended last May. There was an extension this month but in God's grace, I was able to surpass everything. There were unexpected resources that came along the way. 

4. I had the worst PMS this month. I'm not sure if this was partly influenced by the entrance of the 2nd booster in my body. I had headaches, cramps, acne, bloatedness, added to this all the intense emotional episodes. I'm hoping to see a doctor at least before the month ends. Also praying that everything is well with me. 

5. Stiff neck and backaches - I once googled about these usual body aches. As always, it was a bad decision, everything felt exaggerated. 

6. A recent trip to Watsons is another source of financial regret :p I bought the following items in the hope of having a clear skin. When in fact, the cost of these items could already afford a visit to a dermatologist. 

7. My Dad was able to renew his driver's license and granted 10 years.  I told my Dad I would help him renew his license. Maybe he felt I was too occupied with work. One thing I learned, I should not embrace all the responsibilities at home. I still have a Dad to help me deal with everything. 

8. I'm obsessed with Japanese food lately. Grab Food is fueling to my unhealthy obsession. 

9. The sight of kids going back to school makes me happy. Public schools within our city have resumed face to face classes. It gives me a feeling that soon enough, our lives will get better. 

10.  I still have one document to process before I can finally say that all the claims arising from my mother's death have been cleared. In three months, it will be one year since she her passing. It still feels like everything just happened yesterday. 

11. I'm still struggling in many ways.... A colleague once told me, it's because I am still mourning. Aside from grief, mom's passing caused me to embrace more responsibilities, which contributed to all my worries and unnecessary stress. I tend to bother myself with things I can't really control. :( Hopefully, this is something I can outgrow as time passes.