Almost everyone is glad that bootcut jeans are coming back into fashion. Are you wondering how to wear them and still look stylish? Worry not because you are about to know how to wear your bootcut jeans as a woman.

Bootcut jeans are tight on the top and looser towards the bottom. You may be wondering how to style your bootcut jeans so that you look stylish from head to toe. If you have problems with how your legs look, then these are the best jeans to wear

The best way to wear bootcut for women is by keeping it simple.

Styling the Upper Part

You might be wondering what kind of top will match your bootcut jeans. Bootcut looks best when dressed as smart casual or business casual but not official.

You can wear your bootcut jeans with a t-shirt and blazer. You can also pair the bootcut jeans with a leather jacket to feel more casual. This is a business casual look where you can go to work and later have an evening drink with friends. You can spice the look by adding a pair of sunglasses and a round hat.

Another simple way to wear your bootcut jeans is with a sweater. Cardigan/Sweater is the simplest yet functional way to wear your bootcut jeans. Wearing a cardigan or sweater in winter will give you warmth and a stylish look. Inside the sweater, you can add a collared shirt to add that extra touch.

The Shoes

 Now that you know what to pair with the upper part, we can now let focus on the shoes to pair up with your bootcut.

Choosing the type of shoe to pair with your bootcut jeans is very important. You do not want to wear shoes that are not marching well with your jeans. 

A bit of raised shoes will match well with your shoes compared to flat ones.

Many will attest that pairing bootcut jeans with flat shoes looks funny. 

You can pair your bootcut jeans with heeled boots, open-high heels, or chunky heels. The shoes I have mentioned are the most popular to style with your bootcut jeans for that classic look. You can try cropped bootcut jeans with these shoes so that the elegance of the shoes will be visible.

Choose according to your body.

Finally, as you choose how to wear your bootcut jeans, do not forget to choose the jeans that match your body.

The variety of bootcut jeans styles will fit differently with different body sizes. For example, short people should consider a bootcut that's not going beyond the ankle. You should choose the right size for your height so that the bootcut does not look like bell bottoms. You do not want that.

They are available for plus-size, petite short, and tall people.

They come in different sizes and types, be they low-waist, high-waist, or cropped bootcut jeans. Ensure to order the bootcut jeans wholesale because they are going nowhere, at least not anytime soon.

Buying bootcut jeans wholesale will save you some money, and you will have a variety of them to style.

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