I was never alone. 
When my brother was hospitalized last month, help came along the way. 

I'm making this post because I have been restless, anxious and filled with worries in the past weeks. I'm not sure if it does help. What I know for sure, being grateful will always be right.

On the day my brother was rushed to the hospital, my eldest cousin came with us. One thing I realized, it helps to have someone outside the immediate family on moments of decision making. In that case, my cousin was with me when I was navigating the process of admitting a patient. My cousin never left me, until we were able to settle in the emergency room.

My niece, who volunteered to drove me to and from the hospital during our first night.  I have to secure things for my Dad, clothes for my brother, identification cards and other documents from home. It was a great help that my niece took time to bring me back and forth the hospital.

My auntie and cousins at home, who made our meals. It was of great help that we don't anymore have to think about our meals inside the hospital.

My brother's caregiver is another heaven sent gift to our family. She cried with us. She adjusted her schedule to ensure that my brother will receive the best care.

My two previous superiors also prayed for my brother. My former superior was one of the few persons who knew and understood my family. She made a way and brought our former president, who happens to be a priest, to the hospital. They prayed for my brother. 

Two of my colleagues turned friends also came. It was totally unexpected. Their presence and the few hours of stories were more than enough to lighten my worries.

I also have cousins from the the province who came. They were the same people who fetched me after mom died from the hospital. My cousins have proven that time and distance will never become hindrances. I will never forget what my cousin told me, "ate, madami tayo" I was never alone. 

My uncle abroad and other cousins also sent financial assistance. I would not have made it today without them. My godmother, who knew my struggles also made her presence felt. 

Lastly,  some people at the workplace also became my unexpected support system. I had an older colleague who shared his experience of his mom. It gives me hope that one day, everything will also be well from my end.  Another older colleague listened, while I cry my heart out from all the responsibilities. And that one person, who continuously messaged, called and waited for my return. 

Having a sick family member and ending up in a hospital still scares me. The fear, worries, and not to mention the financial stress I have to undergo. In 2021, I believed that mom would come home. She didn't make it. In my brother's case, we surrendered everything and we made it.

I'm grateful. I was never alone. But part of me remains scared.