Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 154 - Thank you for the Holiday Break

The rare times with the family 

Unhealthy food and never ending stories 

Discovering a new place with a girlfriend 

Ending the day with a cheap yet fulfilling meal from Pizza Hut 

Brian O'Conner is so alive! #FF7 
Another great and unhealthy meal shared with a girlfriend

Something I wanted to shout out for the longest time, if only my project is all done :)

Happy Easter to everyone! 


  1. How nice to have a holiday break! I love seeing photos of your family and would enjoy hearing some of the stories they tell...and eat some of the yummy dishes. Guess what? I got a surprise in the mail this week! A beautiful postcard from far far away! Thank you sweet friend and namemate. I love my postcard and treasure our friendship. Have a beautiful Sunday! Sweet hugs, Diane And thanks for all the sweet comments. My beautiful post will be up on Monday. HUGS!!!

  2. Parang ang saya ng DIY corn dog. Hihi. Happy Easter! :)

  3. Wow! Ang tagal ko nawala at ang dami ko namiss. I like your blog's new look! Sarap sa mata. :)
    At naiinggit ako sa mga tuhog tuhog food mo na yan.. hehe

    1. napadami lang blog post ko over the holy week break hahaha
      go ahead sa tusok tusok,hotdog + hotcake mix lang :) although i believe sa SG wala red hotdog

  4. Happy easter to you too, and thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog. I received your mail yeserday, love your choice of card :-)

    Your food photo's make me hungry. And about those fries and pizza photo, I had fries for dinner last night, and I will have a pizza tonight! It's the weekend after all :-)

    1. Yay it arrived!!! Your post office is the best :)

  5. Wow! You certainly have got a lot of time on your hands. And I see, you changed your blog look. ;-)

  6. Ang saya ng food trips mo with family and friends ah! May nabibili bang ready mix for the corn dogs or you made it from scratch? Gusto ko rin nyan!!! :)

  7. Hello Diane,
    the first thing I noticed is that you have a new blog look! It's very sleek and sophisticated :)
    So happy you were able to spend the Easter holiday with your family. Mine lives far away, so it's usually just me and a few friends over for Easter brunch!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to write!
    Have a great week!

  8. Hotdog, fries, pizza, and mhmmm that heavenly baked ziti! Ah I want to eat NOW!


  9. I am falling in love with how you take photos <3 Nakakatuwa ung family pic, ang saya nyo naman! And good luck with that project. Whatever that is. ;)

    1. Coming from you, i'll take that as a compliment :) thanks


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