This compensates for the negative experience I had with DreamPlay. On those times I was waiting for the promised return call from DreamPlay's management, we took the opportunity to explore the most talked about pool side of the Nobu Hotel. City of Dreams offers three hotel brands which include Hyatt, Nobu and Crown Towers. We were not able to check out Hyatt because we were already overwhelmed with the pool side that covers the area for Nobu Hotel. We assumed that Crown being a 6-star hotel is restricted to paying guests. True enough, one needs a key card to enter its exclusive pool area. I also read somewhere that guests of Crown Hotel can actually loan free Dior sunglasses while using the pool's amenities. :) 

I love the lounge at Nobu Hotel. How creative that those rectangular foams were arranged to form a very comfortable and homey area for guests. It was far from those 5-star hotels that posts an elegant yet intimidating atmosphere. 

Something I want to copy for my future home. :) Japanese minimalism that still projects an image of elegance and sophistication. The Japanese coffee table books and tree trunk that served as great alternative for the typical flower vase.

Before reaching the poolside, I was able to finally see the entrance of Nobu Restaurant. All I read about this restaurant are positive reviews. On my next visit, I have to ensure that part of the experience is dining at this most talked about Japanese restaurant. 

The poolside greeted us with floating lights which I believe look best during night time. 

The buildings are perpendicular to each other although from the photos, it looks like they are mere reflections.

I wonder how expensive it is to check in to any of City of Dreams' hotels. :) If I will not have the opportunity to stay in any of their hotels, a great dinner from Nobu Restaurant can work for me. 

City of Dreams is a great place although I have issues with directions and accessibility. We entered the lobby nearest to DreamPlay. As we were exploring the surrounding areas, it took us some time to figure out how to transfer to Nobu and Hyatt. There were no directions and clear signages. There were exit doors that we initially thought as areas exclusive for employees. Only to later discover that some exit doors lead to elevators adjoining the other hotels. City of Dreams has a shopping area that caters to the high end market and a two-floor casino, that is so far... the largest I have seen in Manila. There were also restaurants apart from what the three hotels offer. If selections are considered, I believe City of Dreams' offerings are still limited, especially when compared against Resorts World Manila. At this point (setting aside the negative experience with DreamPlay), I still prefer Resorts World Manila especially when traveling with the family. My comparison may not be even because the two hotels cater to different markets. If given the choice though, I would still choose Resorts World only because of the diversity of activities I can consider. Nevertheless, visiting City of  Dreams is still worth it. Give it a few more months to years, there will surely be more amenities and activities to experience.