I'm on a blogging streak! :) The Holiday Break is inspiring me to write more. I almost went preparing three blog posts in one day, if only our internet connection cooperated. I'm taking advantage of this writing mojo and the rare times that my workload is beginning to free up. Hooray! Although if I have a wish, I want a freelance work now. It will be perfect because I'm gradually unloaded with my teaching job and my projects at work are starting to reach its concluding stages. I felt this much needed break coming especially over the past weekends. I was feeling it because apart from sleep, I was able to watch a few movies, albeit through You Tube and DVDs. I still don't have the energy to visit the mall every weekends. My two-day week break has always been preferred to be spent at home. Gaaahd, I'm really getting old. My energy levels are continuously dropping. 

As I was saying, I was able to watch a few good movies over the past weekends. I'm quite lucky because I was able to gather some great selections. Here are the few that really impressed me.

Ekstra (The Bit Player) - Relates the story of a bit player or ekstra in local movies. The lead role was portrayed by Vilma Santos, which obviously added value and attraction to the film. The supporting roles were likewise comprised of other big names in the local movie industry such as Piolo Pascual, Marian Rivera, Cherie Gil, Pilar Pilapil and Richard Yap. The story captured the struggles and the everyday working life of a typical bit player. Although admittedly, it was quite challenging to appreciate Vilma Santos portraying the role. How could a high profile actress be in the shoes of the a typical ekstra. Nevertheless, the movie has a great story line.

Eo Woo-Dong : The Lost Flower - The film became popular because of allegedly recording the longest obscene scenes in the South Korean movie industry. Setting aside the R-18 scenes, I appreciate the transition of the story and lead female character. I love how the elements of self-redemption and tragedy combined to propel the film.

Ilo-ilo - I've been looking for this film for the longest time. There's so much to look forward in this film; it was the debut film of Anthony Chen whose childhood and Filipina nanny inspired the story, first Singaporean film to win an award in Cannes Film Festival and went as much as being considered as an entry to the 86th Academy Awards. While some nationalities belittle most Filipinos for being domestic helpers, the film gave the much needed tribute and respect.

On the Job - Hands down to Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson's team up! Years ago I'm used to seeing Gerald Anderson playing the role of the handsome leading man. In this movie, the role given to Gerald Anderson was way different from his usual image. The movie deals with some harsh social issues and tragedies that happen everyday, but haunts us when we become living witnesses.

Way Back Home - Fine, I'm not one of those people who watch films performed by actresses way younger than me. :) What I thought as another shallow teeny-bopper film gave me some tears. The major confrontation between Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo was the best. The writer and the acting ability of the two young actresses gave the perfect connivance. 

Mga Mumunting Lihim (Those Little Secrets) - As mentioned by one of the reviews I read, death supposedly brings closure and an end to everything. This was not the case for bestfriends; Mariel, Carly, Sandra and Olive. Mariel (played by Judy Ann Santos) who died of pancreatic cancer left a box that contains her diaries to Carly (Iza Calzado). As Carly reads the entries of the diary, it felt like opening a can of worms that threatened to ruin the friendship of the three remaining ladies. 

Apart from reading, seeing some great movies is one thing I really miss lately. My weekends are usually spent zzzzzz. Maybe I can set some personal target. Apart from the Postcard Challenge, I should consider finding at least one great movie in a month. And hopefully, I will be able to blog about it :)

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