The Cape Bojeador, also known as the Burgos Lighthouse, is one of the oldest attractions in Ilocos. It was built back in the 19th century. Climbing up the lighthouse meant seeing part of the West Philippines Sea (Yes, I prefer to call it as West Philippine Sea). As much as I wanted to see the inside part of the lighthouse, tourists are unfortunately restricted for safety reasons. Despite the inaccessibility, the lighthouse still functions although its main light source has been replaced by solar powered devices. I read from a few articles that up to this date, seafarers still rely on Cape Bojeador for navigation.

Aside from the lighthouse, the place has been converted to a museum. There are rooms that showcase old equipment and other paraphernalia. Although I must admit, some rooms look and feel so creepy. What I love about the Cape Bojeador is the view in the last photo. It was a challenge to score decent photos because of the bulk of travelers. But I guess the view of the sea is more than enough for me.