This has to be the first Beautiful Sunday post for 2017. The previous post served as a review for 2016. I started work in the middle of the week, feeling refreshed although still wishing that vacation could be extended. :p Last year, I ended my first day of work with a doctor's prescription. I almost had the same fate this year. I had a bad case of stomach flu. I suffered from diarrhea, felt nauseous for some time, slight fever, felt so sleepy, and worst of all, lost my appetite. It was a rare chance for me to dislike food. My taste buds only wanted fruits and fluids. Up to this day, I'm still struggling with meals. I should be happy because this meant unexpected and unforced diet. :p  But the fever, chills and unexplained body aches are torturing. Good thing though, we don't have work on Monday. I have an extended weekend to recover.

A few days ago, a Facebook contact left a status message about comfort zone. No one grows staying on his / her own comfort zone. Over the past years, I have become careful in using such words. I knew some people were belittled because they don't progress with the society's imposed standards of success. And the one reason blamed, the person was not strong enough to leave his comfort zone. Upon hearing their stories, I discovered reasons. There were life changing circumstances. I also learned that sometimes, within that comfort zones are stories of struggles, strength and courageousness. The person who is usually perceived as weak, shallow and useless have their own discrete battles. 

With all these grown up lessons, I sometimes wish to return to my old silent self. The world and my immediate environment have too much noise to begin with. Sometimes, I feel that its best to contribute less in the chaos, appreciate the things and people that matter to me and explore opportunities meant for me. 

Speaking of explore, I feel that it's a great word to begin the year. If last year I just wandered, maybe it's time to put some meaning by exploring. Let's see, let's see.... 

Meanwhile, on the less serious aspect of my life haha here are some of the beautiful things that happened

Happy Mail - I still receive Christmas and birthday gifts from the mail. Thank you Marieken!!!

Humidifier is out of the list - One of my Christmas / Birthday wishes is to receive a humidifier. Fortunately, one of my cousins helped me crossed this item in my tita's list. Haha This has to be one of my favorite home appliances, apart from the microwave oven. :p

Humans of New York Stories - I have been wanting to acquire this book for the longest time. It's not in any way available in National Bookstore branches near me. When Fully Booked finally re-opened in Gateway Mall, I was glad that they have stocks of this edition. The book is expensive so I'm hoping some freelance works would save me. Hahaha Another wish I hope to fulfill, I wanted to be like Brandon Stanton one day!!! 

Longchamp Le Pliage Limited Edition and Kris Aquino by Kamiseta - They are two of my favorite OOTDs lately. I got the limited edition Longchamp from my Hong Kong trip. I love the quirky design. The Kris Aquino collection of Kamiseta was quite a revelation for me. The lady inside my overweight self is dreaming of wearing an off-shoulder blouse. Problem is, most off-shoulder blouses make me look bigger and heavier. Kamiseta's version is quite forgiving. I love that it's in my favorite color and the off-shoulder area is not too revealing.

Beatrix Potter's 150th anniversary edition - Finally!!! Ordered this last December from Book Depository and as expected, it arrived a month after. :) Never mind the wait, I love the book. I was surprised with the article features about Beatrix Potter. 

Before reporting for work, I was able to watch two films lined up for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). I saw Die Beautiful and Seklusyon. I have to give 5 out of 5 stars for both films. I wanted to write a review but I'm afraid to ruin everything. :)  I maybe one of the few individuals who appreciated this year's move for MMFF. I wanted to watch more movies, if time and budget still permit. Next year, I hope to see same or better caliber films in the festival.

I'm off to watch some Korean dramas in my list and get some extended rest. Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!