Friday, May 22, 2015

The Underrated Macau

My dearest Macau! I already had the opportunity to see and appreciate your magnificence twice. On those two instances, I was unfortunately hit by some bad luck. Three years ago, the real intention was to see Hong Kong and make a side trip to Macau. Given the limited time, I was able to see the more popular sights, The Venetian Hotel, St. Paul Ruins and the Senado Square. On my last trip, the original plan was to stay in Macau and make a side trip to Hong Kong. Because of some problems with late booking of accommodation, plans changed. Macau was again considered as another side trip. I was fine with it. I knew that we will be able to achieve everything with a good itinerary. I did my share. I planned our trip to Venetian Hotel, Coloane Island, Old Taipa Village and Fisherman's Wharf. My idea was to have a balanced trip, where history meets modernity. Sadly, everything remained as plans. What I failed to realize, I was in a group. I wasn't traveling with people who share my travel objectives. What's worst, I only managed to see Venetian Hotel and a very small strip of the Old Taipa Village. Fail! My first trip, which I thought was depriving, turned out to be better. Sad. Sad. Sad. Like Singapore, I still have "closure" issues with Macau. I'm not yet done with you Macau! :) Give me more time, money and opportunities, I will see you again.

Despite the little frustration, here are the few captures I made.

We went to The Venetian to leave our respective luggage. I read from a few bloggers that Venetian Hotel offers free Baggage Services. Turns out, we need to pay HKD 10 for every piece of bag / luggage for the concierge services. I'm not sure for the real hotel guests. It's probably free already.

We had lunch at The Venetian and explored the shops. A few tips for those who have plans of exploring The Venetian. Avoid weekends and long weekends. Everyone seem to be there. It may be quite a hassle to explore the place with children or companions below 21 years old. They have strict age limit requirement to gain access to the Casino. We don't have plans of availing the services of the Casino. The Casino could have been helpful in providing shortcuts and easier access points to the different parts of the Grand Canal Shoppes.

I was able to convince everyone to cross the street and check out Galaxy Hotel. I'm not sure, but I believe Macau doesn't have their own train system yet. Regardless, they compensate with an effective bus transport system and better traffic condition.

We just sat for a while and left. They were tired. Apart from time, I was constrained by everyone's aching feet. I googled Galaxy Hotel prior to our visit and I'm sure, I missed a lot. 

We crossed the street again and led them to explore the Old Taipa Village. Thanks to one blogger who wrote about the overpass and walkalator from The Galaxy and Venetian to the Old Taipa Village.

I knew that the roads lead to more beautiful pieces of history waiting to be seen. Unfortunately again, no good chance for me. We only landed to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

Sigh... so much more places I missed. It was just a few more walks away. Even the ecological garden along the way was scrapped out of the plans. One of our travel companions was rushing us to the airport. We might miss our flight, which everyone cannot afford. 

This has to be my last. Last time to say that I missed everything. Last time to splurge for some disappointments. Macau, please allow me to see you again. :) 


  1. Awww I'm so jealous you have travelled outside the Philippines already! HK and Macau!!! <3 When will I ever be able to travel. HUHU

  2. Peg ko yung striped na kurtina! :)

  3. Aside from Hongkong, this is also the place I want to visit!


  4. Macau is very memorable to me because that is where I got my most expensive pair of shoes ever. HAHAHA. Dahil ang mahal mahal sa Macau at nasaktuhan nasira ang sapatos na suot ko, no choice. Anyway, bago ka bumalik ulit jan e magclosure nga muna kayo ni SG, tara na dito bilis. :D

  5. Sa venetian lang din ako nakapunta sa Macau sidetrip namin nung nag HK kami. naalala ko nung SG trip mo, sana next trip mo ok na. andyan c AC oh 😘😘😘


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