Sunday, November 6, 2016

Beautiful Sunday # 238 - Away from reality

Current Status : On vacation mode

I wasn't able to prepare an advanced post because I crammed for this trip, despite making the airfrare and hotel reservations last June. ;) It didn't help that I had pending work and deadline a week before the trip. 

Trips like this rarely happen for me. I'll savor the remaining days before I finally return from the "real" life I left behind. :) 


  1. Oh so wonderful!! I love it that you are traveling and savoring it!

  2. Enjoy your vacay! Kaabang-abang ang travel posts. :-)

  3. Nasa vacation ka nga! Ang ganda ng mga pics mu sa IG! Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your trip, I hope you're having a really good time :-)

  5. Diane, you work hard and deserve this fun vacation. That white and rose camera is cute.

  6. I am enjoying looking at your IG photos of Korea. I hope you're having a blast there! Take care! :)

  7. Wait, Macau pala, hahaha, hilo lang ang peg ko.. :)


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