I'm typing this post with the heaviest and painful arms after torturing myself from some physical exercise. I've wanted to start this post with another set of thoughts, but the pain is so overwhelming. Borrowing John Green's words, pain demands to be felt. This is a screaming proof that I'm really overweight and the lousiest. I thought the everyday commuting adventures which include climbing the stairs, maintaining my balance inside the train, prolonged standing while waiting for my turn for the UV express, can equate to this one-hour cardio activity. I underestimated everything. Initially, I don't have intentions of mentioning this much needed physical torture. Over the last years, I noticed that whenever I blog about my efforts to exercise, laziness will soon overpower me. Sustaining has always been my struggle. With my nth attempt to exercise, I hope I will be successful. I want to become someone who can't live without any workout routine. At this stage, I'm just someone who can't live without cake, chips and Coke. Hahahaha 

Everyone here is looking forward for the long holiday break. I also have plans, a lot! I want to clean my room. Finish another Korean drama. Visit a good old friend. But before anything else, I need to work. Teacher related duties like checking of examination papers, encoding grades while praying that I will not make any kid cry. Hahaha No failures, please. :( Or is it the other way around? It's me who should be prayed and spared from crying. I hope I'll be able to finish everything before November comes. I want everything to be considered done before entering another month.

Setting aside all these serious and not-so-interesting aspects of my life, here are the few beautiful things I compiled for this post

Nick Bantock's series - It finally arrived! Anyone who loves handwritten letters and postcards will love this Nick Bantock's trilogy. I can't anymore remember where did I discover Nick Bantock's works. I think it was from another blogger as well. I wanted to acquire the books via Book Depository or the local bookstores. Unfortunately, the prices prevented me. Each book ranges from $ 17 to 20. Local bookstores sell each at Php 999. It took me some time to find alternatives, specifically second hand bookstores. Fortunately, I discovered Thrift Books. I got all three titles for $ 10! Never mind if they are second hand copies. Everything arrived in good condition. I'm the happiest! I started reading the books and I have no regrets at all. I love the mystery, words and more importantly, the featured artworks. This is one of the rare times I get to appreciate abstract paintings too. These books deserve another post. And as of writing this, I'm wishing to acquire the remaining books of Nick Bantock. If anyone here has second hand copies, please message me :)!

Thank you Terra! - Another postcards, another addition to my Beatrix Potter collection :) 

I miss sending out postcards and doing the lost postcard series. Apologies to my fellow postcrossers, especially to Terra and Marieken. I've been a terrible friend this month. Promise, I'll make it up to everyone.

Happy Halloween! - We had the regular trick or treat happening at the workplace. For my friends who are lucky to experience four seasons, I hope you are enjoying fall. 

Forever blue - This hand knitted bear is love. How I wish it belongs to me. It would make as a nice Christmas gift for the kids and all the kids at heart. 

This will be my last post for October, which came with a minor accomplishment. Achieving it was quite expensive, added to it the effort to push myself to bounce back. I'm not sure if I'm on the right track though. Complicated. Like probably my wish last year, I hope to spend the last months of the year better and happier.